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Aluminum Blinds

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About Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are an inexpensive favorite for any room where your window treatments need to be durable and stylish such as a garage or shop. They are extremely easy to clean and will work well in high humidity areas of your home. The aluminum slats are available in 1/2”, 1”, and 2” sizes and provide effective privacy and light control.

Hunter Douglas offers 6 options when it comes to aluminum horizontal blinds; Reveal®, Macro, Natural Elements, Lightlines®, Décor®, and Celebrity®. From 1/2" slats all the way to 2" slats for when the view is the most important focal point of a room, Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds are a solution to every need. When the view is your focal point, opt for Reveal® with MagnaView® aluminum blinds. Designed to allow slats to nest together, they provide twice the view-through of a standard 2" slat blind. The 2" Macro blinds offer a dramatic design for larger windows with a wider view-through. The color-coordinated decorative valance with matching coil insert and complementary de-Light routless feature create a polished look.

Natural Elements blinds are a unique combination of aluminum slats with a real wood valance, bottom rail, tassels and tilt wand. MagnaView® is optional. de-Light is standard. ½" and 1" Lightlines® aluminum blinds come in the widest range of colors and finishes and offer maximum light control and privacy with the de-Light routless feature. ½" and 1" Décor® blinds are our most traditional aluminum blinds and feature standard cord holes and a contoured designer headrail for a sleek, fashionable look. 1" Celebrity® blinds are an economically practical choice and offered in a wide selection of colors. A beveled headrail is standard for a clean, traditional look. Hunter Douglas offers these blinds in UltraGlide®, LiteRise® (cordless), standard Cordlock, as well as PowerView (motorized tilt) control configurations. Check out the video below for a brief demonstration of the control options available for Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds.

Graber Aluminum blinds are another option for those rooms that require moisture-resistant, durable, and budget-friendly window treatments. Graber's aluminum blinds feature an anti-static finish that repels dust and resists scratches and stains.


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