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Are Blackout Curtains or Blackout Shades Right For My Home?

Sleep is glorious, isn’t it?! Waking up refreshed and rejuvenated is the best way to start your day. It’s probably been awhile since you’ve had that feeling, though. Do you find yourself throwing a pillow over your head as sunlight streams into your room around 5:30am this time of year? As the sunrise gets earlier and earlier, it can be tough to get the shuteye you need. If you’re looking for room-darkening solutions, you’re not alone. Many of our clients come to us during the spring and summer seasons longing for a way to get a better night’s sleep. The good news is that we have lots of options to help you rest easy. They primarily come in two categories: blackout curtains and blackout shades. Which one is right for you and your home? The answer will mostly depend on the look you want in the room you’re trying to darken. Check out the benefits and style elements of blackout curtains and blackout shades; then talk to our design consultants about customizing them for your home!

Blackout Curtains

The soft flow of fabrics. The allure of patterns and prints. Blackout curtains add beauty and style while providing room-darkening solutions to help you sleep well. Think about your favorite hotel. Are you picturing the gorgeous look of custom blackout drapes? You can have that for your own home! Fashioned from the beautiful fabric you select and with an additional blackout liner, our blackout curtains keep out as much light as possible to give you the darkness you need. And, you can count on quality. We’ve heard so many stories about blackout drapes that didn’t do their job. You don’t have to worry about that with us. Our products are of the highest quality. Plus, they provide thermal insulation to help your bedroom stay at a comfortable temperature all year long. With blackout curtains, you can snuggle into bed in a room that’s beautiful, dark, and cozy.


Blackout Shades

roman shades blackout shadesConvenience. Comfort. Beauty. Blackout shades offer a designer look and enhance your lifestyle. Whatever your style preference, there’s a shade to match. Roman shades offer a flowing look, roller shades boast a sleek design, and honeycombs are organized. There are even blackout options for sheer shadings, so you can enjoy beautiful daylighting and absolute darkness. Plus, blackout shades are available with every modern convenience and innovation--such as motorization and top down bottom up operation. Not only that, but they are custom fit to your unique windows to reduce the light gap to the smallest increment possible. With blackout shades, you’ll get the darkness you deserve, and the sleep you need. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?!


sheer shades blackout shadesDo you love the style possibilities of curtains but want the function of shades? You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You can layer. Combine a custom fit blackout shade with drapery side panels to achieve complete darkness and to frame and soften your windows, or add top treatments to accent the space with your favorite patterns and prints. You can even enjoy room-darkening with sheer window treatments! Wondering how? A recent innovation allows a blackout shade to operate independently behind a sheer shading. Translucent, to light-dimming, to room-darkening--you have absolute control. Layers at the window put serious power in your hands to create the look and atmosphere you desire. 

What’s Right for You: Blackout Curtains or Blackout Shades?

There’s no question that you need sleep. As you’re searching for the right room-darkening solutions for you and your home, we’re here to help. The design consultants at Grand Valley Window Coverings are dedicated to serving you. They’ll listen and guide you as you decide whether blackout curtains or blackout shades will work best for you, your home, and your lifestyle. They’ll even come right to the spaces you’re trying to darken with expertise and product samples. Don’t wait to start getting the sleep you need. Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation.


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