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An Amazing Home Transformation: Before and After Window Coverings

Like so many things, the sun is best enjoyed in moderation. Too much will have you reeling from a painful burn, and too little will send your mood plummeting like a skydiver. But, just the right amount keeps you positive, productive, and at your best. The same goes for your home. When too much natural light enters, you have painful problems to deal with--blinding light, scorching temperatures, and fading UV rays. When you try to block it out, though, you feel like you’re stuck in a cave. The key is just the right amount. You probably think that’s easier said than done with the intensity of the sun we experience here in Arizona. This before and after transformation is proof that the right window coverings make a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere in your home simpler than you ever thought possible. Not only that, but they add gorgeous style and allure. Check out these amazing results and the possibilities for your own home.


before and after window coverings

Before: Too Much Sun!

Can you relate to this living room? The whole space is drowning in sunshine. Harsh glare and direct rays make enjoying the view impossible. In fact, you probably need to wear sunglasses in here to even begin to feel comfortable. Then there’s the color--or lack thereof, really. Excess light is bleaching out the vivid decor, and UV rays are fading everything day after day. And, while you can’t see it, the temperature is sizzling. Just walking into this room would make you sweat. The large-scale windows are basically giant magnifying glasses. They amplify the sun’s heat, and, even when it runs non-stop, the home’s air conditioning struggles to keep up. The “before” of this before and after transformation is a classic example of the frustrating and uncomfortable effects of too much sunlight. Is your home like this one?



before and after window coverings

After: Just Right!

Here’s the “after” of this before and after transformation. What a difference! Can you believe this kind of change is possible? The simple addition of Duette shades by Hunter Douglas is all it took for this room to go from one you’d do anything to avoid to a beautiful, comfortable oasis that’s perfect for relaxing. With the sunlight controlled, the room’s colors are on display, and they’re stunning! Not only that, but they’re protected. The shades’ fabrics are designed to filter out UV rays, so the flooring, furniture, and accents will retain their fresh, brilliant look for years to come. The glaring light and direct rays that once plagued this space are gone--replaced with gorgeous daylighting. And, thanks to top down bottom up operation, the view can be enjoyed at any level, and there are now options for privacy. With the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry, these Duette shades made a big difference in the temperature too; it’s cool and comfortable, and the air conditioning barely has to work to keep the temperature consistent. Finally, PowerView motorization makes adjustment effortless. The shades can move at the touch of a button or even automatically on a schedule. It doesn’t get easier than that! Do you wish you could have all of this in your own home?


Your Own Before and After Transformation

If you’re dealing with bare windows and too much sunlight, or if your current window coverings have you living in the dark all day, it’s time for a change. You can savor the sun, in moderation of course, with the right window coverings. They’ll give you the lifestyle control you deserve. After your own before and after transformation, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the energy efficiency, light control, privacy, and protection that they provide. Our design consultants are ready to help you find window coverings that are perfect for your unique home. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a free, in-home consultation today!

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