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5 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bills

It’s not a surprise that energy bills soar this time of year in Arizona. The sun is nothing short of intense. It’s time you found ways to save on your energy bills. Your air conditioner needs a rest–and so does your bank account! We’ve come up with a list of ways you can save on your energy bills–while still maintaining comfortable living. Your home is your sanctuary. You want to wake up refreshed in the morning and arrive home at night to relax. We’ve got a variety of solutions for controlling the heat and energy costs in your home. Some of these solutions can be multiplied for exponential savings. Ready to save your home and lifestyle from the raging heat of the Arizona summer?


#1 Know That Location Is Everything.

It seems like no matter where you go, you just can’t escape the exhausting heat. But you should know that when it comes to solutions that will help you save on your energy bills, the biggest focus can be on east and west facing windows. Why? The direct light from the sun in the east heats up your home from sunrise, continuing till noon. After lunch, it’s the western sky that blasts direct rays. Knowing where your windows face–either east or west–is powerful when you consider the impact the sunshine is having on your rising bills.


 exterior sun screens save on your energy bills

#2 Stop the Sun Before It Enters Your Home.

If you want to save on your energy bills this summer, the most powerful way is by blocking the sun from heating up your windows. Even with the highest ratings on energy efficient windows, glass is a conductor of heat. 40% of your home’s heat gain comes through the windows. Do you remember science lessons from when you were younger? Once glass heats up, the temperature of the cooler air inside your home is raised. To save on your energy bills and stop the sun before it gets to your windows, you need exterior sun screens for your windows. Also referred to as solar screens or mesh screens, they are extremely effective in deflecting the rays of the sun from touching your windows. This keeps your windows from heating up as much as they would with normal window screens. The result? The glass doesn’t heat up the air inside your home. With exterior sun screens, you’ll get the custom look you need, as well, with specialty shapes and colors to outfit your home.


 exterior patio shades save on your energy bills

#3 Improve Your Patio Area.

Many homes have awnings and covered patio areas. These are great for reducing the direct rays of the sun beating against your home. They also give you a shady place to relax when the outdoor temperatures are tolerable. An additional way to save on your energy bills–and improve your outdoor experience–is by outfitting your patio area with solar shades. These shades keep direct light from shining in on some of your home’s largest windows and sliding glass doors. Exterior patio shades also reduce glare and heat just beyond your doorstep. You can enjoy a longer season outside, while also reducing heat transfer throughout the year. And these patio shades also help keep the bugs away. The best part? Exterior patio shades are available with motorization for touch-of-a-button operation to adjust open and closed. You’ll no longer worry about hard-to-reach windows, or stepping outside to control your shades.


energy effiicient shades save on your energy bills 

#4 Improve Energy Efficiency On the Interior.

You can take measures, such as sun screens and exterior shades to save on your energy bills, but we have another solution for your home. Energy efficient window shades and interior shutters can trap heat at the window, preventing the cool air, on the inside of your home, from heating up. Energy efficient window shades offer cellular technology with pockets of air, designed to insulate your windows. With one of our favorite features–top down bottom up–you can let in natural light while placing your shades over the largest part of your windows for maximum efficiency. Interior shutters can block the sun’s direct rays, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures on the inside of your home. Draperies provide much-needed protection for the cooler air, as well. Draperies act as a layer of insulation with fabrics designed to help the energy efficiency of your home. All of the interior options will help you save on your energy bills, but they also provide dimension and dramatic style for your home.


 motorized shades save on your energy bills

#5 Make Your Home Work Smarter, Not Harder.

In this day and age of technological advances, it’s time you got your home working smarter, not harder. From programmable thermostats to wifi access for your water heater, the possibilities are endless. It’s the control you want with all the benefits you need. Now you have one more way to save on your energy bills. Motorized shades and blinds allow you to schedule the opening, closing and adjustment of your window coverings based on your preferences. You can set schedules and save favorite settings so you get the right sun protection you need around the clock. With your remote, or favorite device, you’ll enjoy the ease, convenience and money saving qualities of motorized shades. Want to take it one step further? With all the *smart* features available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Now you don’t have to. Home integration systems allow you to control everything in one place. Hunter Douglas has teamed up with these systems to harmonize your life.


It’s Time for You to Save On Your Energy Bills…

Don’t suffer through another Arizona summer without finding ways to save money–and comfort! We can help. At Grand Valley Window Coverings, our design experts know the Arizona area. We know what you’re dealing with, and we have solutions that work. Want a free, in-home consultation? Contact us today to get started with your next project!

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