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Ready for Smart Home Technology? Take Our Quiz.

Innovations in technology are changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up. How are you handling it? Do you love the challenge of finding out about the next biggest thing? Or have you buried your head in the sand, just waiting for things to slow down? If you’re like most of us, you’re somewhere in between–eager to see what’s coming around the bend, but a little hesitant to jump on board. How about Smart Home Technology? Have you embraced aspects of these lifestyle benefits and conveniences? Take our quiz to find out if you’re ready for the latest in home automation.



smart home technology tablet view

Do you have a smartphone or tablet?

Yes: You’re in a good position to start embracing the up-and-coming smart home technology that will transform your home–and your life. Do you know you can adjust the temperature of your home without getting up off the couch? Have you experienced the convenience of shades that adjust on schedule? These are things you can do with your smartphone or tablet, and these conveniences are things you’ll wonder how you lived without.

No: Where have you been hiding?



smart home technology

Do you have a personal assistant?

Yes: You are living the dream. Most of us spend our days wishing we could have someone to pass daily tasks onto, in the midst of a hectic life. 

No: Join the club. Having a personal assistant is wishful thinking, but we have a solution for you. Smart Home Technology. You won’t have to wonder if little Fluffy is having a hard time being home alone while you’re at work. The latest innovation allows you to see and hear what’s going on in your home when you’re away. It’s a sense of security, comfort, assurance. Forget to close the shades during the hottest part of the day? No problem. Smart Home Technology, with PowerView motorization, acts as your personal assistant, letting you know the exact position of your shades. You can make the adjustments you need from your driveway or anywhere in the world.



smart home technology device controlDo you use bluetooth?

Yes: You’re ready for Smart Home Technology. How do we know? Bluetooth is just the start. Imagine harmonizing your entire home, from security to media–and beyond. And if you’re able to enjoy bluetooth, home automation will be a breeze.

No: Why not? Bluetooth technology adds levels of safety and control that will enhance your life. Streaming music, talking on your phone in the car–so much of technology today will improve your quality of life. 



smart home technology hubAre you already using some home automation?

Yes: You are already experiencing the amazing benefits of smart home technology. You probably already know that most of the big names in smart home integration systems have created a lifestyle experience of ease and convenience. Do you have PowerView motorization connected to your home automation? You should. With all of the features and benefits of motorized shades, you’ll add increased function and style to your home. 

No: You’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult transformation. Take a look at this article from PCMag on the beginner’s guide to getting started with smart home technology. You’ll be checking in on Fluffy before you know it.



Smart Home Technology...Are You Ready?

With the latest innovations for home automation, it’s time to jump on board and embrace all that technology has to offer. Our team can help! We have all the latest information for you on the home integration systems that can help you control your home. It’s the energy efficient, comfort enhancing light control you’ve always wanted, at the touch of a button. Contact our team, at Grand Valley Window Coverings, to get started!

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