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Bring Back Comfort with Privacy Shades and Blinds

“Sometimes you just need your privacy.” -Rihanna

Isn’t that the truth?! You don’t have to be a top recording artist to appreciate some quiet time to yourself at home away from the public eye. But, if you find yourself still on-view while relaxing in your living room or making dinner in your kitchen, then you need privacy shades and blinds. Maybe you want privacy for most of the day or maybe just at certain times. Much of your preference likely depends on the location of your home, neighbors, and windows. With innovative features that allow you to easily change your level of privacy while still giving you the natural light, energy efficiency, and convenience you deserve, privacy shades and blinds let you have it all! If your windows are currently bare or outfitted with window coverings that just aren’t getting the job done, we have solutions that will bring comfort back into your life!


privacy shades and blinds

A Top Down Bottom Up Transformation

Once you experience the innovation of top down bottom up privacy shades and blinds, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Being able to position your shadings exactly where you need them is a huge lifestyle changer. Bringing the top down lets you enjoy sky views and natural light at the ceiling while maintaining your privacy. It also enables you to leave most of your window covered to boost energy efficiency, control lighting, ensure UV protection, and reduce glare. If you want to let in the outside world, you can bring the bottom up. You can even adjust them in the middle to enjoy view and daylighting while blocking direct rays. With top down bottom up shadings, you don’t have to sacrifice anything to gain the privacy you want.


privacy shades and blinds

Optimum Opacity

Your home should boast gorgeous styling and design. The right window treatments do a lot to tie the look of your home together. Coordinating the window coverings throughout your spaces gives you a consistent, beautiful style. But, not all the windows and rooms in your home need the same things. Bedrooms call out for privacy shades and blinds, while family areas are often better dressed with more view-through. Windows that face east or west have different needs than those that face north or south. That’s why we give you the option to choose the optimum opacity of each individual shading. Simply select a style you love, and then customize the opacity to best suit the needs and location of each room and window. The look you want and the function you doesn’t get much better than that!


privacy shades and blinds

Take Control

It’s your life and your preferences for privacy, so you should be in control. One revolutionary feature available with privacy shades and blinds is the ability to adjust levels of opacity within the same shade. Sheer shadings have sheer backings that diffuse glare while allowing you a fabulous view-through, but they also have fabric vanes that adjust to provide comfort and privacy. A Deux and Duolite are dual systems that give you levels of privacy along with light filtering and room darkening in one headrail. Combine one of these options with PowerView motorization, and experience ultimate control. Open, close, and adjust your privacy shades and blinds from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button with the PowerView App. Or, hand over control to the world of automation. Use the PowerView App to schedule automatic adjustments to happen throughout the day, and connect your motorized shades to your home integration system. Without another thought, you’ll have the perfect atmosphere of light, energy efficiency, and privacy all the time.


Ready for Privacy Shades and Blinds?

There’s a lot to love about top down bottom up operation, varying opacities, levels of control in one shade, and motorization. It’s time to start enjoying these features in your own home. Sometimes you really do just need your privacy, and our privacy shades and blinds can help you achieve it. Not only that, but they’ll upgrade your life by giving you light control, energy efficiency, UV protection, and extraordinary convenience as well. If you’re ready, our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings would love to help. We can come out to your home to bring inspiration and samples right to your windows. We’ll listen to your style preferences and help you evaluate the functional needs in your spaces to get you set with the right window coverings for your home and your life. Contact us today for your free, shop-at-home experience!

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