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Bare Windows No More

There are three types of homes with bare windows. Is yours one of them? Do you desperately need solutions, but something is keeping you from them? Take a look to see which category you find yourself in. You’re not alone. At one point or another in my lifetime, I have been in all three of these situations, and it’s no fun. It’s time for you to find window solutions that will save you and your home! Take a look at the before and after inspiration of this home to see what’s possible, and then, let’s connect! We’ll help you discover the features that will create the right environment in your home with solutions and designs you’ll love.


#1 Bare Windows? You Just Moved.

Moving is overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. It’s also exciting and busy. It’s easy to forget about your windows. What happens after you move in? Now you’re dealing with privacy issues and baking in the heat. Does this describe you? If you just moved, there’s a good chance you’re living with bare windows, and you need solutions...yesterday.


#2 Bare Windows? You Can’t Decide.

Like everything else in today’s world, the options can seem endless. But when it comes down to it, the actual solutions for your bare windows are limited. Wait...What?! That’s right. If you’re looking into window coverings for your bare windows, you might feel overwhelmed. You need trustworthy advice on actual solutions that will deliver the results you deserve.


#3 Bare Windows? But, the View is Beautiful.

bare windows large Large windows and doors offer a priceless view of the outdoors. It’s like having your own unique backdrop. Why would you ever want to cover that up? Well...there are quite a few reasons. For one thing, the temperature can reach sweltering highs, and you can’t afford to compete with the intensity of that heat. Another reason? The baking sun sends harmful UV rays right into your home, dulling your paint colors and fading your furniture, floors and artwork. That’s not to mention the fact that the intensity of the direct sunlight will keep you from even entering that room. The glare is just too much. The ‘idea’ of bare windows only works in your mind. In reality, you need solutions.



Get the Atmosphere of Your Dreams.

no more bare windows top down shadesThe after photo of this space says it all, doesn’t it? It’s pleasant, refreshing and soothing. It’s a space that’s filled with gorgeous natural light. But no matter where you are, you won’t be in direct sunlight. That’s the genius of top down bottom up shades. You put them where you need them. You control the amount of light entering. If you just moved, your bare windows can receive the design-savvy makeover that will create beautiful style in your home with tremendous function. Love your dynamic view? That doesn’t mean you have to suffer with bare windows. We know what it's like to live in Arizona–don't forget, we live here, too! We know what you’re dealing with. So no matter what solutions you need, we will be able to offer advice to help you get results. Having a difficult time deciding? You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed–our team can help. With years of experience, we’ll come to you to see just what you’re facing. We’ll bring samples, inspiration and ideas to help you create the atmosphere of your dreams. Contact us today for your free, in-home consultation.




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