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Child Safe Blinds: What You Need to Know

With the month of October being child safety awareness month all across the country, we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk with you about child safe blinds and shades. Every parent has heard the warnings. Cords can be dangerous. And while the curiosity of children never ends, we want to help! Do you sometimes feel like your only option is to just wrap them in bubble wrap and hope for the best? Child safe blinds and shades can make you rest at ease that you’ve made safety a priority. Sometimes referred to as a hidden danger, dangling cords hang in clear day, tempting children. Very easily, tangles of cords can lead to hassle, frustration and even fatal injuries. It’s nothing you ever want to think about. Let us help you figure out the options that will serve your family the best.


Child Safe Blinds and Shades: Just Add Power.

motorized child safe blinds and shadesTerrible dangers awaiting your little ones? There’s nothing scarier. You can take steps to remove potential harm from your home with child safe blinds and shades. The window coverings industry has become very serious about maintaining the safety of your family. That’s why you have an entire selection of operating features to keep your family safe. Cordless blinds and shades will always be the best route. One of the operating systems that can give you the highest levels of child safety, along with immense convenience is automated, such as PowerView motorization. You can set, save and schedule the best adjustments for your family.




Child Safe Blinds and Shades: No Cords, No Problem.

cordless child safe blinds and shadesOnce upon a time, you could go to any home with small children and find the same scenario. The dangling cords had been wrapped up and tied–and then tossed to the top of the window frame. Sound familiar? The problem is that your window coverings aren’t very functional. And safety? Well, before I had my own children, I didn’t realize the most important safety hazard to keep in mind. THEY CAN GO ANYWHERE. And, they will. You might have a hard time getting that mess of cords, but little Johnny? Two seconds flat, and he’ll be trying to lasso his little brother. Seriously, if you have children in your home, cordless is a must. Nowadays, you don’t have to get creative. We have a great selection of child safe blinds and shades that operate perfectly without dangling cords! No cords, no problem. We can help you choose the ideal cordless lift systems for your home.


Child Safe Blinds and Shades: Cord Control.

cord control child safe blinds and shadesYou might be thinking, “But cordless just won’t work.” And sometimes, your layout and furnishings can make cordless window coverings hard to manage. Using the bottom rail to nudge up and down may not be what’s best for your home, and we’ll help you figure that out. But, if you have to have a cord, we’ve got you covered. There are child safe blinds and shades that secure the cord. No more dangling or tangles. No more temptation for your little ones. You might need a cord tensioner that tightly secures the cord loop to the inside of the window frame. A wand might be a better option for your home and lifestyle. Have you seen the retractable cords? Not only is the cord short and way out of reach, but as soon as you activate it, it retracts right back into position. There are plenty of ways child safe blinds and shades can be a reality for you and your family.


Child Safe Blinds and Shades: Ready for Safety?

Safety is your priority, and it’s ours as well. At Grand Valley Window Coverings, we want to help guide you to what’s possible. You can choose from a variety of child safe blinds and shades to ensure your family’s safety and your peace of mind. We’d love to come to you to hear how you use your home and your window coverings. We can make powerful suggestions so you get the best options. We’ll come right to you for a free, in-home consultation. Contact our team to get started today!



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