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Before and After: From Bare Windows to Beautiful Comfort

Bare windows can offer a gorgeous view. There’s no doubt about it. But here in Arizona, bare windows can pose some very serious problems. Are you and your home suffering? Have you been searching for window solutions that will let you enjoy all that your windows have to offer, while still providing the protection you need? It’s utterly transforming. Check out these before and after photos to see how a simple change can revamp your entire home environment.


Before: Bright and Bothersome

bare windows large

The windows pictured here are wide open, which allows for a spectacular view. Living in a place that offers year-round sunny weather, it makes sense that you’d want to enjoy the mood-boosting sunshine. But large, wide-open, bare windows? I don’t think so. During the day the sun can pour into your house. This is damaging to your furniture since the UV rays can be extremely harsh. The intensity of the sunshine’s heat and glare also keep you from the enjoyment of relaxing or coming home to a pleasant environment. Sitting in an overexposed room quickly becomes frustrating, as it heats up and offers light that’s way too bright for your eyes! Sure, the view out the window is great, but, what about the view inside? And, with bare windows, your neighbors can probably see in. Who wants to worry about others seeing the inside of their home while they’re trying to relax? This can leave you feeling uncomfortable. The good news? There’s hope.


After: Comfortable Ease

bare windows with sheer shadingsIn comparison, the change is dramatic. There’s an instant feeling of calm when comparing the exposed windows with the same windows pictured here–elegantly covered with Pirouette shadings. With these sheer shadings, you can adjust the light to create the atmosphere you desire. Relaxing, simply reading a book and want natural light to shine through without being overbearing? Adjust the vanes to give you just the right amount of light. It’ll be to your liking–and even better, there’s no glare. Perhaps, like most days, it’s beautiful and bright outside. You want to bring in soft, filtered light as opposed to glaring, intense sunlight. Sheer shades let you enjoy as much sun as possible without being damaging. The adjustable vanes allow the sheer backing to let in gorgeous, diffused light without the bothersome glare. You truly get the best of both worlds with sheer coverings.


Before and After: Transform Your Life

bare windows no more closed shadesIt’s clear in the before and after photos that your home can be greatly transformed by adding sheer coverings. You can control the amount of light during the day all while adding a modern style to your space. At night you can relax comfortably knowing that your windows are covered completely and your home isn’t exposed to the outside world. Another great thing about Pirouette shadings is the ability to add PowerView motorization, which means controlling your shades at the touch of a button. You can even program your favorite settings and your shades will automatically adjust. Not only are they stylish, but extremely convenient!


Take Care of Your Bare Windows

As you can see from the before and after photos, adding shadings to your windows can positively change your environment. Are you ready to take the next step and transform your own space? Contact us today at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a free, in-home consultation.






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