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Single VS Dual Functioning Shades: Which Is Best for You?

Lighting plays a huge role in the overall feel of your home. The level of lighting you need depends on the specific room. Maybe you want to create a certain ambiance? Maybe you need a solid solution? Window shades help to create the lighting you desire. Single and dual functioning shades offer different levels of light for your specific rooms. Which function fits the individual rooms of your home? Find out the differences here.


On/Off Switch: Single Functioning Shades

single function shadesThere may be rooms in your home that are used for the same tasks, like your laundry room. You probably don’t care about having ambiance while you’re alone with your washer and dryer. You don’t need dimmed lights or the ability to create a certain mood while doing laundry. But what you may need is the ability to turn the light on and off. Another perfect example is your bedroom. You mainly use it for sleeping and getting ready for the day. Because of this, you need simplicity when it comes to lighting: on or off. Single functioning shades work well in rooms where you either want light or you don’t. They’re like a light switch--easy to use and to the point. Two great options for single functioning shades would be Roman Shades or Roller Shades–both designed with convenience, style and simplistic function in mind.


Light Control Levels: Dual Functioning Shades

sheer shades dual functioning shades You have rooms that require basic lighting, and then you have spaces in your home where you want to create a certain atmosphere. Your living room, for example, isn’t just used for basic functions. During the day, you use it to relax with a cup of coffee or let your kids play with their toys. You may even use your living room for entertaining guests or for watching a movie. Do you want the same lighting for every scenario? Probably not. You want the option for different levels of light to create the right ambiance for every situation. Dual functioning shades offer more control over the amount of light entering your rooms. Maybe you want to spend your Sunday watching movies in your pajamas. Is a bright, overexposed room going to create the best experience? With dual functioning shades, you can darken the room or even blackout the entire space to make it feel like a movie theater. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dual functioning shades--you’re in complete control of your environment.


Innovation for Increased Levels of Light Control

top down shades dual functioning shadesImagine waking up in the morning, sitting at your kitchen table, and enjoying the natural light that seeps through your windows. It seems like the perfect environment, right? Well...we all know that living in Arizona means that we have to shield ourselves from the intensity of the sun. That means, even with small amounts of sunlight coming in through top down shades, there may need to be a barrier. Duolite, an innovation of Hunter Douglas, offers continual levels of shading opacity, even with top down. Innovative features, when added to dual functioning shades, offer an even larger range of light control. Some of these systems add a secondary blackout shade, so your dual functioning shades can give you three levels of light control: translucent, light dimming, and room darkening. Are you ready for this ultimate control? We’d love to show you how it’s possible!


Find the Best Shades for the Rooms in Your Home

Your home should be a unique impression of who you are, right down to your window coverings. Whether you like a lot of light or no light at all, you are in charge of creating your perfect atmosphere. Are you ready to find the perfect shades to match your style? Contact us today at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a free, in-home consultation.


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