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Embrace Your Hard to Reach Windows...3 Tips for You!

Take a look at your windows. Are they hard to reach? Windows that are high up in your home add beautiful style and flowing light to your rooms. But, being out of reach can cause frustration due to lack of control. Perhaps you're experiencing a little bit of both? Many homes are built with windows that are out of reach, which can be great! They add character and beauty, which is why they should be embraced. However, those hard to reach windows can put a damper on your home’s ambiance and your lifestyle.  If you’re feeling discouraged by your hard to reach windows, take a look at our guide to embracing them. You’ll enjoy the benefits while solving common issues.


3 Tips for Hard to Reach Windows


Tip #1: Find the Right Window Treatments

hard to reach solutions pirouette

Are your windows currently bare? Is it because they’re hard to reach? Keeping your windows uncovered may seem like the only solution. We understand--who wants to deal with adjusting window coverings all the time? They may also be bare because you like the incoming light and the look of your window. The reality is that bare windows cause issues that you don’t want to deal with, either. A great solution for bare windows would be to find window treatments that fit your windows and your needs. High windows, especially in an entryway or foyer, allow for beautiful incoming light. But, did you know that this incoming light is damaging and can cause uncomfortable temperatures? The UV rays can cause fading to your decor and furniture. With the right window treatments, you can enjoy the light while your window coverings filter and protect--giving you all the benefits of beautiful windows without the damage. Depending on your style and home, you can find shades with a sheer backing or translucent fabrics, like Pirouette window shades. Fabric vanes can be adjusted to fit your desire of light and privacy. Your rooms will be left in a soft glow, giving you a beautiful transformation.


Tip #2: Change Up Your Layout

hard to reach windows

Do you have a difficult layout in your home? Are your windows causing you inconvenience? Some windows, like the floor to ceiling windows pictured here, may seem frustrating--furniture placed in front of the window may seem like the only option. Instead, move your furniture around so that you have access to your windows instead of making them hard to reach. Consider moving your furniture so that it can float, focusing on the center of the room. You’ll gain access to your windows, while still having complete access to all of your furniture. The layout will look inviting, giving your home a great atmosphere. By working around your hard to reach windows, you’ll get better control of adjusting for privacy and light control. You won’t believe how a simple layout change can transform an entire room.


Tip #3: Add Convenience with Motorization

hard to reach windows roman shades

One great solution to controlling your hard to reach windows would be to add motorization. By adding motorized blinds, you’ll take away the need to manually adjust your window coverings, which may have seemed impossible with hard to reach windows. Do you want the light to shine through your open window in the morning, but be closed in the afternoon? Motorized blinds allow you to create a custom schedule that fits your desire for privacy and light. They’ll automatically adjust to your personal preferences. You get the most use out of your windows in a very convenient way.







It’s Time to Love Your Hard to Reach Windows!

There’s no need to feel frustrated by your hard to reach windows. There are solutions to fixing the common problems with uniquely shaped and placed windows. No matter what your window situation is, we’re here to help you find the right window solutions. The right window treatments will add style, convenience, and function to your home. Contact us today at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a free, in-home consultation.


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