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Window Solutions for Doors and Large Windows

Large windows and doors can be a great addition to your house, but without proper window coverings, they become a hassle. You might have a great view, but how about the view into your home? Not to mention the temperature of your home may be altered by your bare windows. If you have large windows or doors, like a sliding glass door, you probably know what we mean. Take a look at some of our solutions to common problems caused by large windows and doors.


No Control of the Light

Large windows and doors sheers

No matter what time of year it is, if the sun is bright and shining in the sky, your space will surely heat up, leaving your environment an uncomfortable temperature.  Large windows and doors will allow for a lot of light to enter your home. This may seem like a benefit, but you don’t want a lot of light-- you want the perfect amount of light. Finding the right window coverings for your doors and large windows will completely transform your home. You will gain control of the light, which will allow you to create the ambiance that you want. Silhouette Window Shadings and Pirouette Window Shadings are beautiful options. These window treatments offer a wide range of adjustment levels, giving you many options for lighting. If your windows are hard to reach, or you’re looking for a more convenient way to control the light, PowerView motorization would be an excellent addition. You can set a schedule or control your window coverings at the touch of a button.


Lack of Privacy

large windows and doors blinds

Like we said before, your large windows and bare doors give you an awesome view--that is, if you like what’s outside. Are your neighbors closeby? Without window coverings, you can be left with a view of their home, or have people looking into yours. How uncomfortable! You deserve privacy and comfort at home, which is why you need window coverings that will allow you to have a view when you want it. Celebrity Aluminum Blinds are a great option for privacy control. Depending on how much light and privacy you want, you can easily adjust the vanes to your personal preference. No more feeling uncomfortable by the lack of privacy.


Uncovered Doors 

large windows and doors gliding panels

Window treatments do more than cover your windows, they add fashion and style to your home. With interior design growing more popular, now’s the perfect time to cover up those bare windows. Do you have a sliding glass door at home? They function just like a large window; they allow too much light and too little privacy. Doors should be covered too. Skyline Gliding Window Panels offer a modern design, which you can coordinate with your home’s decor, adding style to your rooms. They are easy to use, too-- a simple push or pull of the wand will open or close them, or add automation for more convenience. Not only are you making your environment feel more comfortable, you’re adding beautiful decor.






Cover Up your Large Windows and Doors

Do you have bare windows or doors at home? Are you tired of dealing with the hot sun and lack of privacy? You can still enjoy the view while protecting your home from harsh UV rays. We have many options to create the environment you deserve, and we’re ready to help! Contact us today at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a free, in-home consultation.

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