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Finding the Best Shades for Every Room

Do you know the key to refreshing your home? Natural light. Inviting in the sunshine invigorates your space, provides energy efficient lighting, and is a natural mood-booster. Are you looking to refresh your home for the new year? Start by finding the best shades for each room. There are so many options, and we’re here to guide you to the right window treatments. By having the best shades possible for your home, you’ll create the environment you want--all depending on your personal lifestyle, design preferences, and your room’s function. Are you interested in home automation? We’ve got that covered. Check out our tips for finding the best shades.



Think Function: The Bedroom

best shades bedroom

Finding the best shades for your home will depend on your specific rooms. Before looking at designs, think about how you use each space. Your bedroom is where you get rest. The environment should be cozy and comfortable; you want a certain temperature and high levels of privacy. How can anyone sleep with bothersome light leaking through the windows, or an overheated room? Getting a good night’s sleep is important, as it provides energy for your busy days. The best shades for a bedroom would include adjustable privacy, giving you a customizable experience. The sun will be blocked off, meaning you won’t overheat when you’re trying to rest. Are you interested in the best shades for a child’s room? We offer cordless shades, so you can rest easy knowing your child is safe. Pick out a design that fits your personal style and decor, and watch as your bedroom becomes a tranquil getaway.



Privacy Control: The Bathroom

best shades bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, you want it to feel private and comfortable. The best shades will bring in natural light, while blocking the outside world. Easily adjustable window treatments can give you this control. Consider your daily schedule. Maximizing the daylight will refresh your morning routine, but you want to stay secluded. Your ideal bathroom shades will give you complete control over light and privacy. Not every bathroom is the same, though. Avoid creating a cave-like space by finding the best shades that enhance the individual environment.



Enhance Productivity: The Office

best shades office

How well do you work in a dark environment? It may make you sleepy, lowering your productivity. This certainly doesn’t mean leave your windows bare, though. Too much light will bounce off of your screen and make the room overbearingly bright. Nobody can be productive while having to squint or feeling uncomfortable! The best shades for your home office will bring in beautiful, natural light, but will cut the annoying glare. They will also allow you to take a break and enjoy the view. With the right light management, you’ll create a successful, productive, and refreshing space.



A Versatile Design: The Living Room

best shades living room

The living room (or family room!) can be used for so many different things during the day. The best shades will give you diverse options for your lifestyle. You may start your day here with some coffee and the newspaper. By afternoon, you’re folding laundry. Nighttime arrives, and the entire family is gathered around the TV for movie night. We can’t forget about your weekend plans: the neighbors are coming over for game night, and your living room is the perfect spot to entertain. How about your kid’s favorite place to play? The family room is known for being multifunctional, which is why multifunctioning shades are the best shades for this room. You need style, privacy control, perfect lighting, and the ability to enjoy your view. The best shades for your living room will also represent your personal style, giving your room that finishing touch. Do you want a more convenient way to control your blinds? Home automation, like PowerView motorization, allows you to create a schedule or adjust your window coverings at the touch of a button. Your custom shades will be multifunctioning and gorgeous.



The Best Shades for Your Home: Let’s Get Started!

When it comes to the best shades for your home, there is no “one size fits all.” In fact, each room has unique needs. You want function and style, and our design experts are ready to help. We’ll bring the showroom to you during a free, in-home consultation. Our samples and design advice mixed with your inspiration will create the perfect environment. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings to get started.

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