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Bare Windows? Change Your Atmosphere

If you have bare windows, what is it that you love about them? Is it the open view and natural light? You’ve probably noticed that bare windows can make your room too bright and uncomfortably warm. We have a solution. The best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice what you love! There are many options for every type of window: large, floor to ceiling, hard to reach--we’re here to help you find the best window treatments. Having the right window coverings can change your environment for the better. Take a look at this before and after to see an incredible transformation!


Before: Blazing Bright and Bothersome

bare windows dining room

This dining space is gorgeous. The rustic elements and view of the outdoors make this a perfect place to sit down for a morning coffee or dinner with friends. But, with the unfiltered light beaming through the bare windows, it would be impossible to enjoy this space. Imagine the would have to squint because of the blinding sun.  The hot temperatures would be intense, and you would be left with overall discomfort. There are beautiful pieces of furniture and accents in this room that are at risk of UV damage. And, forget about privacy! Without window coverings, your room is left wide open for the outdoor world to see. Bare windows make this room hard to use. But, we have a solution...



After: Amazing Atmosphere

bare windows roller shades dining room

No more bare windows! With the right window coverings, your environment will change for the better--just take a look at this after photo. The addition of Hunter Douglas sheer designer roller shades took this room from uncomfortable to a well-lit, welcoming space. The harsh glare is no longer present, giving you a great space for dinner or that morning coffee. The sheer fabric diffuses the light and offers UV protection to furniture. And, remember that view you didn’t want to part with? It’s still there...with added privacy. Getting rid of bare windows doesn’t mean you have to eliminate your view or natural light. The right window coverings will preserve what you love about your space while enhancing its environment.

Goodbye, Bare Windows!

Not only do window coverings offer protection to your personal things and an enhanced environment, they add gorgeous style and function to your home. Bare windows are a pain, and you deserve a space that’s comfortable and convenient. Are you ready to change your atmosphere? Grand Valley Window Coverings offers a free, in-home consultation. Our experts will come right to your home with ideas, samples, and professional input. Contact us today to get started on your project!


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