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Simple Automation: Add Ease and Convenience to Your Life

Are “easy” and “convenient” words that describe your life today? Would you like them to be? Smart home technology will revolutionize the way you live from the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow again at night. Working in rhythm with your daily schedule and your preferences, it’ll take care of tasks so you don’t have to and give you touch-of-a-button, or even speak-a-command, control. Now, if you’re thinking, “Nothing about technology is easy or convenient for me!” we understand. That’s why we love simple automation. Innovative and uncomplicated, simple automation can dramatically change your lifestyle by making everyday tasks effortless. Here are just a few ways simple automation will enhance your life all day, every day.


Morning: Wake Up Smiling

simple automation light filtering shades

When was the last time you woke up refreshed and smiling? Can you even remember? Getting out of bed in the morning is tough. Wrapped in darkness with the blaring sound of your alarm clock, it’s hard to feel anything but groggy and annoyed. But, what if you could wake up to gentle sunlight streaming into your room? Imagine the difference! Sunshine is known for its energy- and mood-enhancing qualities, and that’s just what you need to start your day off right. With simple automation, letting in the light is a breeze. Create and save your morning “scene” with your motorized shades in the PowerView app, schedule it to occur whenever you want to wake up, and then rise with sunshine and a smile every morning. It’s that easy. And, for the days you want to sleep in, use voice control with your Amazon Echo, or reach for your phone or Pebble remote, to keep your shades closed. Let simple automation make every morning a good one.



Noon: Leave On Time

simple automation entryway shades

Okay, so you probably need to leave the house before noon to get the kids to school or be on time for work, but doesn’t it often feel like you’re never going to make it anywhere before then? Getting out the door is quite the challenge, and doing it on time can seem next to impossible. Between trying to find your keys, wrestling squirmy bodies into shoes and coats, and making sure everyone has everything they need, the last thing you have time for is running around the house closing blinds and shades--that is if you even remember to do it before your mad dash to the car. So, why not let simple automation take care of it for you? Schedule your window coverings to close for privacy, security, and temperature control at the time you need to head out for the day, and you won’t even have to think about them. Plus, if a small miracle has you ready earlier than usual, a simple tap on your Apple Watch, phone, or other favorite device closes them in an instant. And, you can always check to see their status in the PowerView app--no matter what time it is or where you are. Peace of mind is never more than a tap away.







Night: Relax Your Way

simple automation screen shades

After a busy day at the office, picking up the kids from practice, and fighting rush hour traffic, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to the perfect environment for relaxing? Whether that means unwinding from the day with a quiet family dinner, soaking in a warm bath, or having friends over for game night, simple automation makes it possible. With saved, customized scenes, the atmosphere in your home can always be right. Your “Dinner” scene brings glowing evening light and a gorgeous view into your dining space, while “Tub Time” ensures privacy and gentle lighting in your master bath. And the best part, you can just ask your Amazon Echo to set the scene while you drain the pasta or sprinkle in some soothing bath salts. Relaxing your way just got easier!






Ready for the Ease and Convenience of Simple Automation?

simple automation powerview motorization

Why struggle through another day when you can add ease and convenience to your life? If feeling like you’re not tech-savvy enough to enjoy smart home technology has been holding you back, then simple automation is just what you’ve been waiting for. PowerView makes your life better, and it works with whatever device you’re most comfortable with--a stylish remote, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or your phone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch! Plus, our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings will show you how to customize your settings and create a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Contact us to get started!

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