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Room Transformation: Solutions You’ve Got To See!

Have you seen the forecast lately? All meteorologists point to sun, sun, sun! One of the best parts of living here in Arizona is the amount of sun we see. It’s energizing, mood-lifting, and just plain wonderful...unless it’s wreaking havoc throughout your home. The advantages of welcoming natural light into your living spaces are numerous, but if sunshine overwhelms your rooms, it can cause a host of issues that leave you feeling beyond frustrated. If that’s where you’re at today, take heart. We have solutions. The right window coverings offer incredible benefits that’ll restore comfort, beauty, and style to your home and to your life. Take a look at how each of these spaces underwent a room transformation, and discover what’s possible for your own home.


Transformed for Comfort & Energy-Efficiency

room transformationroom transformation

This living room was clearly designed to be an inviting, comfortable, and relaxing space. It features a window bench that’s ideal for curling up with a good book along with ample cozy seating that’s perfect for chatting with friends over coffee. Unfortunately, with bare windows, it also featured too much sunlight and intense heat--which made everyone avoid this room and kept the air conditioner running non-stop. Adding Silhouette window shadings delivered an incredible room transformation! Now, sheer fabrics filter and diffuse sunlight, and adjustable vanes offer control over how much and where light enters. The room is illuminated with a gorgeous glow, and the air conditioner gets a break because maintaining a comfortable temperature is easier than ever. What a difference!


Transformed for Style & Privacy

room transformationroom transformation

The design of this space is striking, isn’t it? Low-profile furnishings are arranged for intimate conversation and for a magnificent view of the outdoor space and landscape beyond. The room feels open, airy, and seamless connected with nature. But it was also constantly plagued by glare and always on display. Unless you were squinting or wearing sunglasses in here, it was difficult to enjoy the view out and appreciate the beautiful styling inside. Plus, there was exactly zero privacy. Nantucket shadings gave this space a much-needed room transformation. The soft sheers look gorgeous, and they keep the view intact! Now, you can actually admire the picturesque panoramas and the decor. On top of that, privacy and security are a simple adjustment away. Perfect!


Transformed for Beauty & Protection

room transformationroom transformation

Yikes! It practically hurts your eyes to even look at the “before” picture of this room transformation. Can you imagine living here? Extreme brightness and harsh glare overwhelmed every inch of this space. To the eye, they washed out the colors and design elements, but they also put them at risk for permanent damage. Flooding sunshine meant flooding UV rays, and those are known to cause fading and deterioration. There was no doubt that this space needed window coverings, and the resulting room transformation is astounding! Sheer shadings worked wonders in this room. They filter out the intense brightness, glare, and UV rays. Not only do the rich tones and accents stand out in beauty, but they’ll all maintain their color and value. What’s more? The space is actually livable. Before, this room barely saw any use, but now it’s a family favorite.


Need a Room Transformation of Your Own?

If you need light control and a room transformation in your own home, we can help. Our team can put together a custom plan for your unique spaces that’ll provide the solutions you’ve been longing for. With the right window treatments, you can experience results just like these. Don’t spend another day frustrated by the sun in your Arizona home. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a free, in home consultation today.

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