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Tell Your Story with Eclectic Decor

Over the past year, we’ve seen some dramatic changes in what’s trending. Minimalism will always have a place in interior design–I mean, who doesn’t dream of a home that looks perfectly arranged at all times? However, with the runways of fashion telling us that personal style is best, eclectic decor has stepped onto the scene with surprising vigor! This style, sometimes referred to as maximalism, is the bringing together of elements with a common mission. The intention? To tell your story. Take a look at how you can make this trend of uniqueness work in your own home, along with the perfect guru of eclectic design–Iris Apfel.



Be Intentional.

eclectic decorCoordination–not matching–is pivotal to achieving the right look in eclectic decor. It’s been said that each piece within the shared space is chosen with intention–allowing the design elements to exist together in harmony. The key is knowing what appeals to you. Mix patterns, combine colors, handpick accents that mean something. It’s your home. It should speak volumes of what you love. To achieve the perfect look, it’s going to take time.



Look to the Style Experts.

Do you know Iris Apfel? At 95 years young, this guru of eclectic decor lives and breathes her life’s story. Rising to fame in her eighties, after a collection of her clothing and accessories were featured as an exhibit by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she’s spent her life experiencing each moment to the fullest. With her confident air, she encourages people to layer their lives with culture, travel and presence. From her wardrobe to her Manhattan apartment, you can see the beauty of a life well-lived.



Layers On Top of Layers.

eclectic decor stylePersonal effects are a great way to tell your story and highlight your journey. What about other elements of design? The secret is in the layers. Blankets and accent pillows add comfort and style. Draperies and shades bring both beauty and function. Area rugs provide softness and texture. When adding layers, keep in mind that balance is important. Stand back and take in the room to discover areas that are lacking, or those that have too much, and make adjustments.



Eclectic Decor...Ready to Give It a Try?

We love the personal look that eclectic decor gives to a space. If you’re ready to surround yourself with what you love, this is the style statement you’ve been waiting for. At Grand Valley Window Coverings, we know the importance of creating the perfect atmosphere in your home. We’d love to visit you with samples of fabrics, inspirational photos and expert advice for designing both beauty and function in your space. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today!



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