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Luminette Privacy Sheers: Incredible Function, Beauty, & Solutions

Whew! Are you feeling the heat? Now that May has arrived, so have triple-digit temperatures and full sun. This dynamic duo is a doozy, and it can really do a number on your home’s environment. Flooding sunshine, relentless glare, and intense heat stream in through your windows--unless you cover them up, of course. Do you hate having to sacrifice your view and natural light just to stay comfortable in your own home? Did you know that you don’t have to? Luminette Privacy Sheers are an innovative collection of shadings that let you have it all--comfortable light, an incredible view, privacy when you want it, and more. Plus, they offer the beautifully flowing look of draperies while functioning like shades. Just take a look at everything privacy sheers can do for you and your Arizona home…

Function At Your Fingertips

When it comes to window and door coverings, ease of use is essential. You deserve a no-fuss operating system that fits the needs of your home and your lifestyle, and that’s just what Luminette Privacy Sheers offer. Being able to choose the operating system that works best for you and your home is a huge benefit. Manual wand control makes opening, closing, and rotating your privacy sheers simple. And PowerView motorization takes control to a whole new level. Adjustments happen at the touch of a button from your remote or favorite device, and they can even happen automatically on a schedule! No matter what you’re doing or where you are, you can rest assured that your home’s environment is just the way you want it.


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Endless Solutions

With the intensity of the sun we experience here in Arizona, it’s hard to find balance when it comes to natural light, view, and comfort in our homes. Oftentimes we feel stuck with two choices: (1) let in the scenery together with overwhelming sunshine--and the inevitable heat and UV rays that tag along, or (2) live in a cave--closed off from the world and surrounded by darkness. Neither option is ideal. But Luminette Privacy Sheers change everything. They provide tremendous solutions that enable you to achieve that perfect balance you want. Sheer fabrics filter and diffuse harsh sunlight, so your home lights up with a soft glow--free from glare and damaging UV rays. Reflecting the sun outward, the fabrics protect your comfort by bouncing away direct rays and heat. And the fact that they’re sheer means you still get to enjoy the view. Plus, rotating vanes offer a range of options for light and privacy control. Light filtering to room darkening, open to the world or tucked away in secluded privacy, you can live comfortably on your terms!


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Styled to Perfection

There’s so much to love about Luminette Privacy Sheers. Their function and benefits are second to none, and the fact that they add designer styling and sophisticated elegance to your home is icing on the cake. Gentle folds of fabric flow like drapery panels and hide the track for a consistent, beautiful look. The fabrics themselves are exquisite and available by the yard for impeccably coordinated decor. Add to that the picturesque views that serve as the backdrop to your home and just the right amount of glowing natural light, and your spaces will stand out in stunning style.


It’s Time For Privacy Sheers!

Our team here at Grand Valley Window Coverings is excited to introduce you to Luminette Privacy Sheers. They’re an incredible collection from Hunter Douglas that can completely transform the look and feel of your home as well as the comfort and convenience of your lifestyle. If you want to experience the gorgeous fabrics, look through sample books, and speak with an expert about solutions for your home, we’re here for you. Let us come to your door with a free, shop-at-home consultation. Contact our team today to get started!


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