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Pet Safe Blinds: Style & Function for You, Safety for Them

Whether they’re curled up in your lap or scampering willy-nilly around the house, your pets hold a special place in your heart. They’re an important part of your family and your life, and there’s no question that you want to protect them from harm. Do you have pet safe blinds, shades, or shutters in your home? Your furry friends are curious and playful, and the whole world is their playground--including your home. Ordinary things become toys in an instant. A dangling cord looks fun and enticing; your pet doesn’t know that it harbors danger. Outfitting your windows and doors with cordless and cord-safe operating systems will remove the danger for your pets and add function to your lifestyle.




pet safe blinds large windowsInstant Adjustments and Automated Schedules

Triple-digit temperatures are creeping into our lives as summer rounds the bend here in Arizona, and that means it’s best for our fur babies to stay inside during the hottest parts of the day. This often leaves them looking longingly out windows and sliding glass doors. Since they can’t actually go out, having a view is the next best thing. But leaving your home exposed to intense sunshine and UV rays is a recipe for disaster. By adding power to pet safe blinds and shades, you can have touch-of-a-button control from anywhere in the world and the ability to create an automated schedule. Your window treatments can adjust to keep your home comfortable and your pet happy, and you can make a change with the PowerView app on your favorite device even if you aren’t at home.




pet safe blinds motorizedPet–And Human–Friendly Function

Does your fur ball love to watch the activity that’s right outside? Joggers, birds, or any number of things create a feast for the eyes and excitement in the paws. A playful dog or cat can easily get tangled up in dangling cords, and long cords are often frustrating for us humans to use anyway. With cordless pet safe blinds and shades, adjustments happen with a simple push, pull, or nudge of the nose. Yes, it’s so simple that even your pets can operate them. If you have a pet that gets anxious with all the goings-on outside, top down bottom up operation is a great choice. You can block their view to calm their nerves, but still allow for daylighting so the whole family--including your furry friends--doesn’t feel like they’re living in a cave.



Cord-Safe Alternatives

pet safe blinds cord safeSometimes You Need A Cord, So Make It Safe

Just like you, your family, and your pet, your home is unique. Sometimes there are circumstances where cords are a must-have. If that’s the case in your home, you don’t need to worry. Hunter Douglas has you covered. They have a variety of cord-safe alternatives for pet safe blinds and shades. You can choose short, fastened, or retractable cords that stay out of harm’s way. These options are simple to use and eliminate the danger, tangles, messes, and injuries that are possible with cords. They give you the peace of mind that everyone in your home--kids and pets alike--are safe.



Pet Safe Blinds & Shades

Here at Grand Valley Window Coverings, we know that safety matters to you. We want to help you make your home as safe, and stylish, as possible. Our experts can guide you toward the best products and options to meet the needs of your home and lifestyle. They’ll help you choose fabrics, finishes, features, and operating systems for pet safe blinds and shades that’ll add beauty, style, function, and--most importantly--safety to your home. Invite us in for a free, shop-at-home consultation today!


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