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Decorating with White: A "How To" Guide

Do you love how designers can make a home look and feel fresh, crisp, and beautifully cozy when decorating with white? Do you wish you could achieve the same results in your own home? Are you afraid to try? Decorating with white can feel a bit intimidating. While bright bold colors seem easy, the absence of color altogether strikes a chord of fear that resonates with a lot of people. When done right, white has the potential to deliver a stunningly chic and sophisticatedly soft atmosphere. The last thing you'd want is for your space to appear flat and clinical. So, how do you avoid the pitfalls of decorating with white and create an upscale, designer look in your home? Start by following these how-tos from our very own design experts for decorating with white.




How To Choose the Right White

decorating with white decorBelieve it or not, white isn’t just white. There are thousands of variations. Different shades of white are influenced by undertones, and those undertones really matter. Choosing the right white for your home depends on so many factors--from the type of lighting you have to the style you’re going for. Whites with undertones of red, brown, and yellow will warm up a space. These warm whites are great for injecting softness into a room. They work well with natural furnishings and earthy, organic colors, and they’re great for offsetting the harshness of LED or fluorescent lighting. Cool whites--with undertones of blue, green, purple, or even black--infuse crispness. They’re perfect for complementing a look of clean lines and minimalist design, and they do a lot to neutralize bright light in rooms that receive an abundance of sun. When decorating with white, finding the right shade for your unique home is incredibly important. It will pull the look together with beautifully refreshing charm and deliver results you’ll love.




How To Liven the Look

decorating with white decor living roomWhen decorating with white, you don't want to end up with a space that feels sterile and boring. Science labs and surgery centers might need the clinical look, but that’s not at all what you want for your home! So, how do you create a lively look that’s also relaxed and cozy? The answer is simple: vary the textures. If you think about medical and science buildings, there’s just one overarching texture. Everything is smooth. By incorporating different textures into your design, you create depth, dimension, and comfort that make your spaces feel like home. Try plush area rugs, knitted pillows and throws, along with flowing drapery panels for luxurious softness. Use glossy accents and the uniform structure of open shelving and plantation shutters to bring clean lines and refinement. Whatever you choose, make sure it speaks to you. Personalizing your decor is a big part of making your house feel like home.




How To Coordinate

decorating with white accentsCoordinating is relatively easy when it comes to decorating with white. Just make sure you keep those undertones in mind. White is perfect for the hot trend of high-contrast design. Bold pops of color look fabulous against a white backdrop. Soft pastels are stunning too. You could also play with a tonal color palette and use varying shades of white from the same color family. If you’ve thought about creating a collection, white is ideal. It maintains a sense of order and keeps things looking clean. As you gather items, make sure you vary their size and shape to add visual interest. And, when grouping or stacking them, remember to work with odd numbers. They’re more captivating to the eye.




Decorating with White ... Come Decorate with Us!

Decorating with white will surely make a designer statement in your home--especially if you follow our simple how-tos. At Grand Valley Window Coverings, we’re committed to helping you achieve all that you want for your home. Our team is here to help you add elements of style to your spaces and function to your lifestyle. Window coverings look phenomenal in white. Whether it's shutters, shades or blinds, we have what you need to add fashion and upgrades in every room. Ready to get started? Contact us for a free, shop-at-home consultation today!


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