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ClearView: Dynamic View & Style

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy your gorgeous view from inside your home? Well, Hunter Douglas Silhouette ClearView shades are making it possible! This latest innovation makes it easy to enjoy your landscape from the comfort of your home. Want to see what ClearView is all about? Take a look…


What Is ClearView?


Have you heard of the traditional Silhouette shades? The fabric vanes float between sheer fabrics in the front and the back, which gives customized view-through and light control. When in the “open” position, the floating vanes are parallel to the floor, making them look almost invisible. ClearView takes it a step further--and it’s all about the transparent black sheer. The view is clearer, almost like the HDR version of a photo. The dynamic view makes your landscape more colorful, bright, and true-to-life.




Protect Your Home

ClearView living room

There are so many benefits to Silhouette ClearView shades. The top benefit is, of course, the spectacular view! Not only do you get an amazing view as you would with bare windows, but you get protection from common issues caused by bare windows. The signature S-Vanes of Silhouettes diffuse the incoming light, giving you ultimate daylighting. This will also protect your valuables from the UV rays and make your environment comfortable.



Which Is Better for My Space?

traditional Silhouettes and ClearView

If you’re unsure of whether you’d like the traditional Silhouette or Silhouette ClearView more, here are a few things to consider. How much privacy does your space need? If you’re looking for great view-through, but need a little added privacy, stick with the traditional Silhouettes. Do you have a space in your room that offers an incredible view you’d love to enjoy frequently? ClearView would be the perfect option. Want to mix it up? Go for it; the fabrics coordinate for easy mixing and matching. It’s all about what you want to achieve in your design.


See For Yourself!

Silhouette ClearView shades

Here are the traditional Silhouette shades compared to ClearView. The traditional design, which is featured on the left, makes the view inside this home more filtered and private. ClearView gives a clearer view from both indoors and outdoors, but both are diffused for comfort. Customize your space with either fabric, and watch as your home is transformed!


Experience the Latest Innovations

Which design do you love? Whether it’s the traditional Silhouettes, the innovative ClearView shades, or a different design, our team would love to help you find the right window treatments for your space. Invite us over for a free, in-home consultation! We’ll walk you through different options, depending on your style and function preferences. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings today!



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