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Motorization: Make Every Room & Every Day Amazing!

Have you been thinking about motorization for the blinds and shades in your home? Are you wondering which rooms need its amazing benefits and complete control the most? Well, there’s no one right answer because every home and every life is different. One thing is for sure, though: motorization will change the way you live. We’re talking incredible upgrades in comfort, security, privacy, convenience, and levels of lighting for every circumstance! That list might sound like a dream, but it can be your everyday reality with motorization.


Motorization in Every Room

Want a glimpse into a life and home with motorized control? Let’s take a tour…


motorizationEntryway: Everyone who enters is welcomed by comfortable natural light--no glare, no direct rays. Yet privacy remains a priority with top down shades for the sidelights.


Living Room: Since the large windows were closed off to intense sunshine during the hottest parts of the day, it’s always cool and comfortable when the family gathers in the evening. And a single tap brings room darkening for the perfect theater atmosphere on movie night.


Kitchen: Breakfast is always energizing and cozy with just the right balance of beautiful sunlight and personal privacy. And dinner prep is a breeze as the shades move in time with the sun to keep direct light and glare at bay.


motorizationDining Room: As everyone sits down to eat, the shades adjust to welcome dimmed lighting and gorgeous views...right on cue. It’s instant atmosphere for the ultimate dining experience.


Bedrooms: Sleep comes easy in darkened rooms--no matter the time of day.


Bathrooms: Natural light is plentiful, and a quick tap secures privacy for absolute comfort.


Office: Productivity is at its peak with soft light filling the room and screens protected from obtrusive glare.


There’s So Much To Love!

Motorization of your blinds and shades is truly life-changing, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Many of the clients we’ve brought the power and control of motorization to have given us incredible feedback about their favorite features. Here are just a few of the things they had to say:


motorization“I’m busy, and that used to mean that I’d come home to a house that was overheated from too much sun and heat exposure during the day. Not anymore! The automatic schedule I created for my shades is perfectly in sync with my life and ensures that I walk into complete comfort every evening.”


“I love all the options for control. I can use my stylish little remote to make adjustments in a snap. At work, I often use my smartphone to check in and make sure the shades are closed. My husband loves to use his Apple Watch, and we just integrated our shades with our new smarthome system. Being able to simply ask Alexa to set the scene for dinner is amazing!”


“Between the kids and the dogs, our sliding glass door sees a lot of action. Having motorized shades is a huge help. A simple tap to open and close makes it easy for everyone to go in and out.”


Are You Ready?

Imagine being able to adjust your lighting and privacy at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world. Imagine having shades that just do their thing--moving in perfect harmony with the rhythm of your life. Imagine the comfort and style of a home that always has the ideal atmosphere. With motorization, this can be your home, and this can be your life! If you’re ready to experience the benefits and convenience of an automated lifestyle, our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings wants to help. Contact us for a free, shop-at-home consultation today!




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