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Tips for Decorating with Patterns

Which home in your room could use a little freshening up? Do you want to add more personality to your design? Decorating with patterns makes it easy to spice up the style of your home. Try one, or mix and match for a fun look. Our designers are here to help. Here are a few of our tips for incorporating gorgeous patterns into your home.


Pick a Pattern

decorating with patterns bedroom

The best part about decorating with patterns is exploring all of your options. There are so many to choose from: bold and bright, soft and subtle, small or large, and so much more; you will surely find one that matches your interior design style. When you start looking for that perfect pattern, first consider the space you’re re-decorating. What colors would contrast with your overall design? Then, think about how you want to incorporate it. You can add small accents around your space, like throw pillows, or decorate your walls with patterned wallpaper. Window treatments are another great way to incorporate your choice of pattern. They’ll create a gorgeous backdrop that shows off your style. Finally, choose a pattern that you love--you can’t go wrong!


Mix It Up

patterns for bedrooms

Are there multiple patterns you want to use? Mixing and matching different designs may seem intimidating at first, but we can help! You’ll be decorating with patterns of all shapes, sizes, and colors in no time. Take a look at our guide for mixing the perfect combination of patterns.


The Classic Pair: Stripes and polka dots are easy to work with. Plus, they look fabulous when paired together. The sharp lines of stripes mix gorgeously with the softness of polka dots. Mix and match the sizes for a unique design.


Scale Size: To avoid a cluttered look, make sure the scales of your patterns differ. Too much of a small-scale pattern will make your design look busy. Mix large-scale with small and medium for the right balance.


Color Coordinate: One easy way to mix and match like a pro is to focus on a color. Choose one or two colors and find different patterns that fit within your palette. Your patterns will flow effortlessly.


Florals and Shapes: It may not sound like a match, but mixing botanical designs or florals with sharp edges and geometric shapes creates a designer look. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.


The “In” Pattern

trellis pattern

Looking at pictures of the latest designs can be great, but how many have you actually tried to incorporate into your home? Start decorating with patterns and add a touch of the latest trends into your design for an updated, fresh style. Right now, trellis patterns are the go-to for many designers. The versatile, interlocking design can bring in a gorgeous, subtle touch or a bold and bright change to your home. It’s all about the scale and color. Choose softer hues or bright colors for a dramatic design. Paired with white, trellis is sharp and enticing. Wallpaper, window treatments, or simple accents all look great with trellis. Your design will be trendy and breathtaking.


Decorating with Patterns: Let Us Help

You don’t have to redesign your whole home in order to freshen up your atmosphere. Instead, try decorating with patterns. The touch of personality and incredible style will go a long way. What patterns do you want to try? We can show you how to incorporate them into your home, or help you find the perfect pattern for your new window treatments. Let our team help. Contact us today at Grand Valley Window Coverings to get started!



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