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Style Alert! Trending Color Combinations for 2018

Right now, while we’re busy planning for the holidays and anticipating the milder temperatures that come with fall, designers and trend forecasters are already mapping out Spring 2018. Just recently, they began to release the color combinations that are destined to make a splash in 2018. Want a sneak peek? You’re in luck! We have a look into the hues that are going to be out in full force in the new year. Check them out…



color combinationsClassic Duos

No matter what year it is, classic color combinations are always in style. Their timeless appeal continues to endure--regardless of all the ups and downs and twists and turns in the design world. Navy and orange bring a big dose of energy. While purple and brown add layers of organic, powerful beauty. And black and white forever contrast for sleek sophistication. In 2018, we’re going to see designers play with the classics. As their shades shift a bit on the color wheel, a whole new world will open up for our eyes to enjoy in the new year!



color combinationsA Walk on the Bold Side

Today, we’re walking boldly. We’re celebrating individuality and championing uniqueness more than ever before. As a result, fresh, bold color combinations are primed to take center stage. Turquoise and coral put a new spin on classic navy and orange. Relaxed and full of fun, this trendy pair is sure to reach new heights in the coming season. While robin’s egg blue and soft yellow have graced homes with their quiet beauty for ages, they’re going high-def in 2018. Bright warm yellows will mingle with vibrant, watery blues for a stunning look that’s wholly modern.


color combinationsA Stroll Through Softness

In a day and age full of concrete jungles where an on-the-go lifestyle is the norm, many people are craving peace, quiet, and a breath of fresh air. That’s why muted and earthy color combinations are set to rise to fame. Classic pairings will get toned-down and give a nod to nature. Typically bold, purple and brown will turn subtle in 2018. Look for sandy browns and smoky purples to create organic beauty and a sense of calm. While soft pinks and hazy greens meet up with gentle freshness. And neutrals will take a step back from heavy contrast. A washed palette of creamy whites, muted grays, and pale browns will blend easily--one color flowing to the next.



Color Combinations: What Do You Love?

Do you love the elegance of classic color combinations? Are you ready to experiment with trendy, bold hues or soft shades inspired by nature? Whatever colors strike your fancy, we’re here to help. We’d love to work with you to create an incredible backdrop for your home. We think you’ll be amazed at the style, function, and solutions that blinds, shutters, shades, or draperies can bring to your spaces and your lifestyle. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Treatments for your free, in-home consultation today!


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