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Year-Round Window Solutions: Style, Comfort, and Privacy

The seasons are changing, and we can’t wait to embrace the lower temperatures. While others are preparing for snow and cold, we’re getting ready to enjoy temperatures that are cooler and more comfortable. Are you ready for your break from the intense sunshine and heat? Perhaps you want to keep the sunlight around--after all, it’s naturally energizing. No matter what the season is, you should have control over your light and comfort. These year-round window solutions will give you just that.


Enjoy the Sunlight

light control window solutions

The Arizona sun can be hot and intense. Without the right window solutions, your home will be flooding with light. As the seasons change, we see less light, which can impact mood and productivity. What you need is the perfect balance. The key is to learn how to embrace light and gain control. Use directional light control to guide the sunlight where you want it. Light filtering fabrics can save you from the frustrations of overexposed rooms and glare. The style of your window treatments will amp up your home design, so you’ll create a comfortable, stylish space to relax. Don’t dread the Arizona sunshine; embrace it and control it to make your ideal environment.


Protect Your Privacy

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Now that the sun isn’t so intense, do you find yourself opening your blinds more often? It can be so refreshing to let in the natural sunshine, but what about your privacy? If you feel like your neighbors can see directly into your home, you need window solutions that will protect your privacy and keep your space secure! You can still enjoy the sunshine and protect your privacy! Top down bottom up shades are the ideal window treatments for daylighting. Lower the top of your shade to let the natural light spread across your ceiling. The bottoms remain covered, keeping your home blocked off from the outside world. Create your own style with shutters by covering part of the window, or open the top to let light shine through. Get the best of both worlds with top down bottom up solutions. 



Stay Comfortable with Energy Efficiency

energy efficient window solutions

Energy efficient window solutions are important for Arizona Homes, especially in the midst of summer when light and heat pour in. Even in the cooler months, your home can heat up to uncomfortable temperatures. Your home should feel comfortable year-round. Energy-efficient window treatments have an added layer of insulation to help you maintain the right temperature in your space. Plus, you’ll save money throughout the year.



Window Solutions for Every Season

Are you ready to enjoy the beautiful weather this season? Don’t forget to relax, too! Some days are meant for snuggling in bed. With the right window solutions, you can even control your light and privacy from the comfort of your covers! Motorized blinds and shades give you all the control you need at the touch of a button. Want to learn about all of your options? Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings today for a free, in-home consultation. We can’t wait to get started on your project!


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