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Home Office Design: Set Up for Success

Home offices were once used as a place to stash old paperwork and collect clutter. Nowadays, more and more people are working remotely and taking online classes. A home office has become an integral part of our homes. What does the ideal workspace look like? It’s all about the atmosphere, light & privacy control, and organization. The right combination will set you up for motivation and success. Here’s how you can customize your office space for incredible results.


Lighting that’s “Just Right”

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Your home office design needs to be a space full of productivity and energy. How do you achieve this? The lighting. It can’t be too bright, but you also don’t want to work in a cave. Think: Goldilocks--the lighting should be “just right.” Too much entering light will cause glare and squinting. Not enough light will make you sleepy. Coffee might do the trick for a little while, but you need energy that will last.


Create the ideal lighting in your home office with top down shades. The natural light enters from the top and spreads across the ceiling, giving you a burst of energy and a great mood boost! Your energy will stay all day. The rest of the shade blocks off the direct sun, taking away glare, heat and other annoying issues caused by bare windows. You get all the benefits of natural sunlight without the problems!


Stay Comfortable

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You deserve to be comfortable while you work. Have you ever tried working in a room that’s overheated? It’s impossible to focus. Arizona may not experience freezing temperatures, but a chilly draft can certainly put a damper on your productivity. Avoid losing focus and energy by making your home office a comfortable temperature.


Energy efficient shades will help you maintain a steady temperature year-round in your home office. Control the light and temperature, all while saving money on your energy bill. You’ll have all the power over your home office design! Incorporate another powerful component: motorization. Create a schedule that fits your daily routine, or adjust your motorized blinds and shades using a remote or app on your favorite device. Stay comfortable in an effortless way.


Your Ideal Home Office Design

energy efficient home office design

Working from home or taking classes online can add convenience to your daily life. But, you have to find a balance between your home and professional lives. You might have a video-conference in the morning, and by nighttime, your office becomes a library. Your home office design has to bring function to every part of your busy day.


Dual shade systems can give you multiple options for everything you need to get done. Combine a blackout fabric with light filtering for a dynamic duo. Other shades will go from filtered light to room-darkening with a quick shift of vanes. Have an online video meeting? Transform your space for privacy and perfect lighting for your webcam. Grand Valley Window Coverings is here to help you make your home office an ideal space for learning and getting work done. Contact our team today for a free, in-home consultation.


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