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Master Bedroom Makeover: Full of Life & Love with Amazing Results

Have you been working on renovating your home? We know how big of a project this can be. If you have children, chances are their rooms are finished and yours is on the bottom of your list. Being a parent means putting yourself last. Scott & Juliette know this feeling all too well. After spending 4 years renovating a foreclosure, it was finally time to focus on their own bedroom. Full of love and personality, their master bedroom makeover turned into a space of fabulous function. Take a look at how she got it all done…


What made you (finally) focus on your bedroom?

before master bedroom makeover

I had spent the previous winter planning and decorating our daughter’s nursery. He mentioned how nice it would be if I would decorate our bedroom with the same amount of love. I realized how much time we’d spent on the rest of the house, and how little time we spent on our own room. So, I began our master bedroom makeover while he was traveling to China for work. I wanted it to be an anniversary surprise. Here is the “before” photo of our space.



What was your starting point?

master bedroom makeover color scheme

Redecorating can be frazzling, especially with so many choices. Since I spent so much time on the other areas of our home, I knew that picking a palette for our master bedroom makeover was the first step. Deciding on colors removes 90% of your design options--but, don’t let that sound limiting. It makes things easier and gives you plenty of options within boundaries. I chose white, gray, and yellow. The soft neutrals are warm and inviting, while the yellow brightens things up. Then, I incorporated splashes of aqua--simply because it’s my favorite color!



We love the gallery wall. How did you come up with this idea?

master bedroom gallery wall

We have three small children, and they have become the center of our lives. I wanted our bedroom to focus on us, as a reminder of our love for eachother. I spent time looking at ideas on Pinterest and choosing the best photos from the past 10 years of our relationship. Each one means something special to us. I took my time figuring out which frames and design elements to use. The “love” sign was one I just had to use, but I couldn’t figure out where to place it--until I turned it on its side! It was fun experimenting with different designs.




Are there any must-have design elements you used in your design?

solera shades

Yes, there are two! The first would be our window treatments: Solera Shades. Sleep is very important to us, so I knew I needed a way to make our bedroom comfortable and dark. I chose Soleras because they are room-darkening and energy efficient. They’re child-safe, which made them the perfect option for our kids’ rooms, too. The layers of fabric add even more style and give us the benefits of light and privacy control.


master bedroom office spaceThe next important element of our master bedroom makeover was function. I work from home, so I needed a space for my desk. We wanted to use our extra room as a playroom instead of an office, which meant that my work area had to be functional and minimal. This area has everything I need to work, along with art supplies for when my little ones come to visit me. Once I decided on my colors, I did a mini photo shoot with my kids to add to the decor. It brightens up the atmosphere and matches great.



What advice do you have for those working on their own master bedroom makeover?

after master bedroom makeover

The most important thing to remember when you start working on your master bedroom makeover is that it will take time! Don’t rush to finish it. Instead, give yourself the time to think through your design. What do you love? What are your favorite styles? Get creative and take it day-by-day. In the end, you’ll be left with your dream bedroom.


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