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French Door Shades, Shutters, or Blinds? Feature Highlights To Help You Choose

When it comes to home design, french doors seem to have it all. On top of being elegant and stylish, they welcome natural light and are extremely functional. Beautifully opening to your patio or another room inside your home, french doors are incredible assets. But they’re not all sunshine and roses. Chances are, you’ve thought about covering them...probably in part because of sunshine. Glare, heat, UV damage, and privacy concerns top the list of the common issues homeowners face. So what’s the best way to cover glass doors in your Phoenix-area home? French door shades, shutters, and blinds are all amazing options. Take a look…



French Door Shades

french door shades Phoenix

Just like on windows, french door shades are excellent for control and function. The right shades can really be life-changing! Improving the style and atmosphere of your home, they are one of our top recommendations for tackling the issues that come along with glass doors. With french door shades, like these Duettes, you can...

  • Count on easy function & a sleek profile
  • Keep indoor temps comfortable with insulating fabrics and designs
  • Have the ultimate in safety, convenience & control with motorization
  • Enjoy soft lighting while blocking UV rays & direct sunshine
  • Secure privacy when you want to--day or night



french door shades PhoenixFrench Door Shutters

French door shutters are an incredibly popular choice. They enhance the design of your doors with their classic beauty and timeless style. And, their function is top-notch. With french door shutters, like these NewStyle hybrids, you can…

  • Customize the look and function with door handle cutouts
  • Savor a clean view-through with hidden tilt
  • Control entering light for daylighting without glare
  • Protect walls, furnishings & flooring from UV damage
  • Experience a range of privacy options



french door shades PhoenixFrench Door Blinds

The tradition of blinds is quite appealing for french doors. Simple style meets simplistic operation, and, with options for vertical or horizontal orientation, you can easily complement the design of your space. With french door blinds, like these vertical ones, you can…

  • Enjoy simplistic adjustments
  • Transition from view-through to complete privacy in an instant
  • Position slats for customized lighting and UV blocking
  • Choose the operating system that fits your preferences: cord, wand, or motorization
    Create the look you want with a wide selection of paints, stains & fabrics

French Door Shades, Shutters, or Blinds...Have You Decided?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking of covering glass doors. Trying to figure out whether french door shades, shutters, or blinds will work best can seem overwhelming. Your head might be swimming with questions: Will these work with the type of handle I have? Do these come in a size that will fit this glass? What if I need blackout? How will motorization work here? Rest assured, we’ve got you (and your doors) covered. Our team here at Grand Valley Window Coverings would love to visit your home for a free design consultation. We can answer your questions and show you the best solutions for your unique home. Get in touch with us, and let’s start your project today!


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