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Control the Light, Change Your Life

Have you noticed how the light changes throughout the course of the day? It can be difficult to manage the way it’s affecting your home and your life. When you control the light, you control so many of the factors that affect you. It’s truly life changing! And, with the intensity of the Arizona sun, there are times when you have to just block the light out completely…


Start Your Day

When you have the power to control the light in the morning, it can mean the difference between a refreshing start to your day, or a grueling beginning. Do you wake up with the sun glaring through your windows? Or, do you control the light so YOU decide when and how much will enter?

control the light blackout shades phoenix

We love the transition of Designer Banded Shades. Blackout shades when you need them–light filtering view through when you want to adjust the light control. It’s one simple rotation.

light filtering shades to blackout phoenix Start your day by saying, “Good morning!” instead of, “Ugh, not again.”

Throughout Your Day

The light affects you differently throughout the day for a couple of reasons. The first is due to the sun changing position in the sky. The other factor is more to do with your activity within your home. If you don’t control the light, it controls you. Don’t avoid certain rooms during your day because the light is intense, or the glare is frustrating. There are so many light control choices that allow you to adjust the direction and amount of light you want–or you don’t.

control the light sheer shades with blackout roller shades Phoenix

Our dual shade systems provide a range of light control options, including light filtering sheer fabrics to total blackout with a secondary roller shade. Our Luminette Privacy Sheers are perfect for those doors and large windows. Rotating vanes change from light filtering to blackout in an instant. With PowerView motorized blinds and shades, you can enjoy the changing light throughout the day as your smart shades set the rhythm of your life.

control the light kitchen plantation shutters phoenix

With directional adjustments, you can take the beautiful view through and direct the light right up toward the ceiling with plantation shutters. And then, block out the sunshine with another adjustment that allows you to control the light by blocking it completely.

End Your Day

You want the day to come to a close peacefully. Relaxing in front of the TV, or playing a game with your family, enjoying the’s all up to you. Again, when you control the light, you get to choose how you spend your time.

control the light living room blackout shades phoenix

Pirouette shades create the ideal space across the day. Fabric vanes close for a room darkening experience. Adjust the vanes open, and you’ll receive soft, filtered light and a tremendous view through.

Control the Light: You Decide.

You need to control the light. Don’t let it control you and the way you spend your time. The sunshine and heat in the Phoenix area is intense. Let us help you design the ideal environment for you over the course of your day. We’ll come to you with ideas and inspiration so you can get started. Contact our team, at Grand Valley Window Coverings, for a FREE in-home consultation today!


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