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Sheer Shades: The Key to a Happy Atmosphere

Homeowners have so many important decisions to make. What paint color should the living room be? How should the furniture be placed? Trendy decor or traditional? And, what about your windows? Window coverings are often forgotten about. But, we believe the key to a happy, comfortable atmosphere is what goes on your windows. Take a look at what our line of sheer shades can do to transform an entire room.


Beautiful Space...What’s the Problem?

At first glance, this room is incredible! Imagine yourself in this space, entertaining a group of friends or enjoying a cup of coffee with the morning newspaper. But, if you look closer, you’ll see that this space is full of issues! Take a look….

before sheer shades


The Hot Seat- Don’t let any of your guests sit here! The Arizona sun will make this spot uncomfortably hot. And, forget about enjoying the’ll have to squint to see. 

Damaged Floors- You spend a lot of time deciding on your decor. The UV rays are sure to damage the floors and furniture.

Sunglass Zone- Keep your sunglasses nearby if you plan on trying to enjoy the view! The sun is blinding, making it hard to see outside.

Introvert Seating- This area will require artificial light to balance the overwhelming natural sun shining through.


An Easy Fix

Can you feel the relief? We sure can, all thanks to sheer shades.

Silhouette sheer shades 

Window treatments are a quick fix to common issues caused by bare windows. These sheer shades took away the uncontrolled light, and then added privacy, light control, and style. Now, this is a great room to use when entertaining or relaxing!


Custom Lighting and Privacy

Every room in your home has its own unique needs. You need a certain ambiance for each space, and open floor plans may make it difficult to control each area. But, with sheer shades, the impossible is possible.

motorized sheer shades 

This dining area needs ample light for entertaining friends or having a family dinner. The media room, on the other hand, needs to keep out glare so that the homeowners can watch a movie or see their computer screen. Sheer shades allow you to adjust the incoming light depending on the situation. Plus, you can create a schedule for your window treatments with our smart shade systems, like PowerView motorization. Get the ambiance you deserve throughout your entire home.

Bedroom Solutions

Sheer shades aren’t just for areas of your home that need light. You can incorporate blackout and room darkening solutions with your sheer shadings for the ideal bedroom combination.

 blackout sheer shades

Our innovative dual shade system allows you to enjoy filtered light during the day and the perfect sleeping environment by night. A blackout shade is placed behind the sheer shade. Simply adjust to fit your preference. Luminettes have rotating vanes; all you need to do is change the positioning to go from sheer to blackout. Window treatments are the answer to a good night’s sleep.


Bring Home Happiness with Sheer Shades

Who knew that window treatments could make such a difference? Our line of sheer shades will transform your home with everyday solutions that fit your lifestyle. Let us show you your options. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings today for a free, in-home consultation.


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