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What Goes With Gold? Style Ideas for A Timeless Metal

Designers love gold. As times change and trends come and go, decorating with gold remains a pretty permanent fixture in the design world. Do you love gold too? Are you looking for ways to incorporate this classic metal into your own decor? If so, you might be wondering…”What goes with gold?” The answer: all of these...


Any Color

The primary reason gold’s popularity endures in the design world is because it coordinates with a whole host of hues! From worldly reds to whispery purples, gold looks gorgeous with practically every color on the spectrum.

 what goes with gold

Whether you’re looking to infuse gold into your current color scheme or planning a full room makeover, here are some tips for achieving a captivating look. First, don’t overdo it. A little bit of gold goes a long way. A few pops of gold is often all a room needs. And secondly, you don’t have to use gold alone. In fact, mixing metallics is all the rage right now. This living space is a prime example. The small dose of gold in the three central tables exudes major sophistication and shine. It also adds warmth against the pale purple walls. Then, a few silver and iron elements bring in other metallic finishes to move the eye around the room and balance the design.


Elements of Nature

When considering what goes with gold, it might come as a surprise to find out that designers love to combine gold and natural elements. I mean, the polished refinement of gold seems like the complete opposite of the raw wildness of nature, right?! It is...and that’s exactly why it works! The contrast is exquisite.

 what goes with gold

Take a look at this fabulous little planter. Placed on rough cut, rustic wood, its color and shine take center stage. And, the organic forms of the greenery stand in opposition to the patterned, geometric design. It’s complete contrast for a completely eye-catching look!


A Beautiful View

what goes with gold

Have you considered using gold at the window? Probably not. But, this dining room might be just the thing that’ll change your mind. These gold Pirouette shades are absolutely stunning! Aside from adding luxurious style, they welcome the eye to look outdoors and diffuse comfortable filtered light into the space. Both outside and in, the view is magnificent! If you’re partial to the form and function of blinds, our Modern Precious Metals collection is sure to be a goldmine! Metallic bright gold, brushed vintage gold, and golden sand are just a few of the colors available for creating a shining design and the ideal atmosphere.


It’s Your Turn to Decide What Goes With Gold

Knowing what’s popular with designers is just one part of the home-design equation. Armed with ideas and inspiration, it’s ultimately your decision about what goes with gold in your home. You get to choose what speaks to you and what fits with your personal style. And we’d love to help! Our team would love to show you blinds, shades, drapery, and hardware in the perfect shade of gold. Get in touch with our team, at Grand Valley Window Coverings, to set up your FREE, in-home consultation today!


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