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Smart Accessories Enrich Your Life

Thinking of bringing smart shades into your home? Ready for a lifestyle overhaul? Combining the latest technology with simplistic operation, Hunter Douglas is changing the way we interact with our homes and lives. Their smart accessories allow you to enjoy the most recent lifestyle enhancements without any confusion or hassle. No need to understand the “how” behind the technology. You can just revel in the “wow” of it! Take a look…


It Starts with The Hub

The PowerView Hub integrates your motorized blinds, shutters, and shades with your smart home system. By ensuring that your smart shades are connected, you unleash the possibilities. Whether you’re home or away, your window coverings communicate and respond.

smart accessories


Then, Smart Accessories Enrich Your Life

Smart accessories revolutionize your home and the way you live. They take worries off your mind and tasks off your to-do list. Wonder what life would be like with intelligence and automation constantly working for you? Here’s a peek at all the things you WON’T have to deal with anymore...


Waking Your Teens

Let’s all agree...waking a teenager on the weekend is not fun. With Voice Control, you can delegate that task to your voice assistant.

smart accessories

Triggering Alexa to open the shades in your teen’s room sends bright sunshine streaming in. While you enjoy a cup of coffee, your teen’s eyes flutter open. Pretty soon you hear him getting ready for the day, and you didn’t even have to go near his door. Amazing!


Shades Left Open

Your life is busy. The Arizona heat and sun are excessive--particularly right now. When those two things mix, it can be a recipe for disaster. It’s easy to forget to close the shades. After your little ones are up and dressed, everyone moves downstairs to eat, pack up, and head out the door. Bedroom shades are left wide open, and you’re already at the office. Sound familiar?

smart accessories

With Favorite Scenes, you never have to worry about your home being overexposed to the elements. Simply save a favorite scene in the PowerView app called “All Close.” You can activate the scene from work. Better yet, schedule it to occur every day at the time you typically leave in the morning!


Overly Anxious Pets

Does Sparky love to sleep the morning away and take in the outdoor action during the afternoon? When no one’s home, it can be hard to meet his needs. You want your shades closed as much as possible to save energy protect your home from blazing sun and heat. But, when Sparky wakes up, having the shades closed drives him nuts

smart accessories

With IFTTT technology, the shades stay down while Sparky snoozes. When he’s up, motion is detected, and the shades open to a set position. Raising just enough to satisfy Sparky’s desire to watch the activity outside, your shades also safeguard the environment of your home. Perfect!


Annoying Weak Zones

Are there areas in your home where wireless signals just don’t seem as strong? It’s so annoying! Many people struggle with layout issues that cause weak zones in their home. Hunter Douglas is on top of it.

smart accessories

With the PowerView Repeater, you get the extra strength you need. Plus, the repeater is beautifully backlit. This makes it an ideal, modern-looking nightlight for bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms!


Embarrassing Remote Hiding

How many times have you scurried around the house hiding remotes when you know that company is coming? Too many times to count, probably! Well, now you can leave one out.

smart accessories

With the PowerView Pebble Remote, you gain control over your home’s atmosphere and a sleek, unique piece of decor! When it comes to smart accessories, this one’s sure to be a fabulous conversation piece.


Let Smart Accessories Work for You

Are you ready to let smart accessories upgrade your lifestyle? Do you want to experience the ultimate in convenience, control, and simplistic operation? Our team is here for you! At Grand Valley Window Coverings, we are your experts when it comes to smart shades. Contact us for your FREE, in-home design consultation today!


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