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How To Solve All Your Window Issues This Season

As the seasons change, new challenges arise that can affect your home’s environment. Fall is finally here, and while we welcome the relief from the heat, it's been a bit too chilly lately! Have you found yourself facing window issues? Do you find yourself thinking: How do I keep my home at a comfortable temperature while utilizing autumn's natural light?

How to Keep the View and Eliminate The Glare

window issues designer roller shades Hunter Douglas Grand Valley Window Coverings

With it’s breathtaking views and golden sunsets, fall can be one of the most beautiful times of year. However, it can be quite frustrating to reap its benefits with the sun’s annoying glare. In your mind, blocking the glare also means sacrificing the view, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Though the sun’s UV rays can be difficult to control, with the proper window coverings, you can achieve both an amazing view and light solutions. These Designer roller shades are a perfect option for diffusing the harmful light while capturing autumn’s landscape–perfect solution that keeps you comfortable during any season.

Sleep Comes First

Window issues designer banded shades Hunter Douglas Grand Valley Window Coverings

It’s no surprise that getting the full 8 hours has become a main priority for us all, especially with an emphasis on its benefits throughout the media. But how can we achieve a full night’s sleep with the irregularities of decreaing daylight? Simple. With the Designer Banded shades featured above, you not only improve the quality of your sleep, but you sleep for longer. And who’s opposed to quality, uninterrupted sleep? By shifting the position of the fabric panels, you can switch from a dark position for a peaceful slumber at night, to filtered light and a landscape view in the morning. It’s controlling your environment made easy.

Customize and Control

window issues sheer silhouette Hunter Douglas Grand Valley Window Coverings

Every home is unique and faces different window issues. Some suffer from problems with lighting and energy efficiency, and others, privacy and insulation. Identifying and understanding your issues are the first steps to finding the perfect solution. With PowerView Motorization, you can solve all of your window issues while adding convenience to your lifestyle. Maintain your privacy and capture the natural lighting with these sheer Silhouette shades. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of customization… and your shades of course.

Goodbye Window Issues

Whatever window issues you may be facing this season, we have the solutions to help create the perfect atmosphere for you and your home. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a complimentary in-home consultation today. Talk to you soon!



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