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Need Pet Safe Shades?

There’s no better example of unconditional love than the happiness your dog shows you when you arrive home after a long day. Your dog truly is Man’s Best Friend. This is the perfect time of year to think about your home–your pet’s domain. Do you need pet safe shades and blinds?


Cord Safety

Not only your best friend, your dog might be your kid’s closest buddy as well. They may even find themselves getting into mischief together. Keep them both safe with child and pet safe shades. No dangling, tangled cords to cause problems.

hunter douglas cordless blinds pet safe shades Phoenix 85012

Whether you need manually operated cordless shades, or you want the convenience of motorized blinds, we have the best solutions to keep your little ones safe. Furry–and not so furry.


A Protected View

Dogs and cats are notorious for finding the best resting spaces...typically it involves your most expensive furniture. They just want comfort–and to take in the view. They like to stay in the know of what’s going on just outside. But, when we talk pet safe shades, we want them to stay comfortable.

hunter douglas roman shades pet safe shades Peoria 85383

Bare windows certainly will give them a view, but it won’t protect them from rising temperatures. Depending on your home’s windows, we can help you design a solution that will give you the best of both worlds. Pet safe shades and blindscan keep them in comfortable temps all day while still enjoying the view! And, the UV protection will ensure your furnishings don’t fade as well.


Pet Safe–Or, Safe from Pets?

You know little Fluffy the best. What pet issues are you dealing with? Too much hair? Muddy paws? Frustrating chewing habits? Don’t sacrifice home comfort because of your pet’s frustrating side. You can get window treatments that will give you solutions, regardless of your pet’s issues!

hunter douglas pet safe shades Scottsdale 85251

From fabrics that repel pet hair, to durability that will combat your pet’s paws, we’ve got answers for you!


Pet Safe Shades: We Can Help!

We know you love your pets. If you’re like anyone else, you’re wondering what kind of pet safe shades or blinds can keep them protected and comfortable, while also keeping your investment safe! At Grand Valley Window Coverings, we can help you choose the best options for your and your pets. Contact our team today!


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