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Covered Windows VS Bare Windows: Life in Phoenix

In the Phoenix area, does anyone dare leave the windows uncovered? The answer is yes, there are bare windows. How do you choose between covered windows and bare windows? We’re here to discuss just what circumstances lead homeowners to the decision that’s right for them.


Which Direction Do Your Windows Face?

A big factor for homeowners is which direction the windows face in the home. As you’ll see, windows that face North and South are more capable of being bare. East and West facing windows catch the majority of direct sunshine. In this instance, without covered windows, you’ll be dealing with a host of issues, like out of control heat, blinding light and unintentional dark spots….

bare windows letting sunlight in Phoenix AZ 

East Facing Windows

  • Early morning sunlight
  • Mid-morning exhaustion from squinting
  • No escape from the crack of dawn until lunchtime
  • Damaging UV rays


West Facing Windows

  • Intense afternoon rays
  • Unending glare
  • Trapped heat
  • Zapped energy
  • Harmful UV rays

 living room large window treatments Scottsdale AZ

Covered windows allow you to soften the light–without blocking it out. The right shades can increase energy efficiency, so the temps don’t skyrocket. And, features like automated blinds can help you control the light and heat at the touch of a button, or on a schedule.


When Are Bare Windows Ok?

bare windows floor to ceiling when to cover windows Phoenix AZ

In the scene here, it’s clear the home was built to avoid direct sunlight shining right into the windows. The overhang right outside allows for some of the home to be protected from the intensity of the Phoenix area sun. However, there are some issues these homeowners will still deal with if they choose bare windows over covered windows…

  • Glare makes it hard to relax
  • UV fading for parts of interior
  • No privacy, especially with floor to ceiling windows


When Covered Windows Are a Necessity…

living room sheer shades Scottsdale AZ

Take a look at the same space with covered windows. Doesn’t it seem like a much more relaxing environment? The glare is gone–you could easily rest your eyes in this space. The view outside even looks better now that the blinding light is under control. The covered windows don’t take away from the beautiful look of the floor to ceiling windows, these sheer shades make it that much better. The choice is yours, but our team is here to help. At Grand Valley Window Coverings, we can help you understand your options so you can make the best decision for your home and lifestyle! Contact us today for your FREE shop-at-home appointment.


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