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Eliminating Glare in Your Home: A Before and After

Do you have a room in your home that just has unbearable glare? You’re not alone. And, while knowing that may help you feel a bit better, it doesn't fix the problem. You need a solution for eliminating glare, and we've got a before and after transformation to show you! 


Does this Seem Familiar?

It's the morning. Up and ready, you'd like to catch up on some emails with a cup of coffee. The problem? You can’t read a single word on the screen, due to the strong glare flooding through your dining room windows. By adding stylish window treatments to this room, not only will you gain a beautiful design element, but also some great functionality you need in your home.

Dining room needs help eliminating glare on these bare windows. 

It's Not Just Eliminating Glare...

So many issues can accompany that frustrating glare. Let’s chat about the heat. Arizona sunshine is no joke. And, if you have bare windows, all of that heat is going to keep your AC running around the clock. What about the interiors? You love that area rug on your floor. But when it comes time to rearrange the furniture, the flooring will have faded, leaving a large outline. Another concern? You need privacy. Your neighbors don't need a front row view into your home. 


Window Treatments Here to Save the Day

Here at Grand Valley Window Coverings, we want to help you! We want to find the perfect solutions for your windows in each of your rooms so we can work on eliminating glare in your day-to-day. These before and after photos are convincing! Finding the ideal shades will be life-changing. 

Dining room with top down shades to help eliminate glare

Look! The glare is completely gone. Also notice, it isn’t dark in there. Many people think that adding window coverings will cause you to lose all of your natural light. That doesn’t have to be the case! We have so many shade options that are great at eliminating glare, but will also light your room well and add to your established style.


Top Down Shades are Perfect

“Have your cake and eat it too?” Top down bottom up shades are a perfect example of having the best of both worlds! These window treatments allow the perfect amount of light coming in toward the ceiling, but also eliminate all the extra heat trying to come into the room. They'll protect the interior of your home from those harsh, furniture fading rays of sunshine. Along with those benefits, you also get to enjoy the view of your beautiful backyard that you’ve worked so hard for. How amazing is it that you can overlook your yard, but still obtain a level of privacy from all of your neighbors? 


Motorized Shades

Smartphones and smart home devices are becoming more and more popular by the day. So why wouldn’t you want to be able to connect your blinds and shades to your smart home features, too? With a quick tap on your phone or a few words to your Google Assistant, you can have your shades adjusted before you even enter the room. That means you can relax–without blinding light–in automatic comfort. 

Close up of roman shades used for eliminating glare.

Customizable Window Coverings

One of our most attractive features for our window treatments is that they are customizable. Whether you want a classic and timeless look, or modern and crisp, our window treatments can add a clean and stylish element to your home, while also bringing you all the top performing functions.


Grand Valley Window Coverings wants to help you with eliminating glare in your home! Contact us today to get started on finding your ideal window solutions and to set up your FREE in-home consultation.


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