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Child Safety Awareness: What to Do About Blind Cords

We know the top priority in your home is safety. However, there's an overlooked danger lurking. Have you heard the risks of having blind cords that dangle within reach of small children and pets? At least two children per day are sent to the ER with injuries due to these common household cords. What can you do about it? Let us help! 

The Dangers of Blind Cords

While blind cords seem innocent, to a child, they can become dangerous in an instant. Active imaginations see the cords as something to play with. A necklace, a pony tail, a rope to climb...what starts as simple fun can turn serious, or even fatal when cords tangle and tighten. 

outdated blind cords dangerous for children Phoenix AZ

The government's Consumer Product Safety Commission created regulations as of December 2018, deeming blind cords a hazard. 

Discover Child Safe Options

The innovations in child safety have come a long way. And, if it's been awhile since you've bought new window coverings, let us give you some guidance on the best safety features in blind cords. Here's a close-up view of the operating systems available, starting at the top left, and moving clockwise...

4 child safe operating systems for window coverings Phoenix AZ

Soft Touch

One of the newest operating systems, Soft Touch provides motorized adjustments for individual window shades. Adjustments are activated with a gentle push or pull of a lightweight wand. No dangling cords. And, the shades are also safe against damage. If the wand is pulled with force, the magnets that hold it in place simply disengage. 


A favorite operating system, this is a child-safe way to have blind cords that stay out of harm's way. Instead of the cord dangling, it's short–and retractable. That means, as you easily adjust your window coverings, the cord continually goes back to the "out of the way" position. Automatically, the cord is short again, no matter the position of your blinds.


Quickly becoming the favorite manual operating system, Literise is cordless. With your hand, you gently push up or pull down on the bottom rail to put your shades exactly where you want them. 

Continuous Cord Loops

These–in and of themselves–are not child-safe. But, innovation is the answer! With a cord tensioner, the blind cords are fastened securely to the inside of the window frame. Adjustments are easy, and you no longer have to worry about the dangers of dangling cords, or the hassle of tangled cords that interfere with adjustments. We secure these during installation.

Have Your Considered Motorization?

In today's world, technology has taken over. It's easy to think about the good old days, wondering whether things were better back then. But, across the board, we can all agree that child safety has certainly improved! This is just one more reason motorized shades could be the best way to go.

motorized shades childs playroom cordless no blind cords Phoenix AZ

Convenient, simple, and with energy saving benefits, could they get any better? When it comes to child safety, the answer is yes! We can add 'no blind cords' to the list of valuable characteristics!

Let Us Help You Make Safety a Priority!

At Grand Valley Window Coverings, we have guided many families in the Phoenix area toward the right child-safe window treatments for their homes. The best part is that we can help you discover the options you need. There's no one right answer for everyone. That's why you can trust us to listen to your family's needs, and the unique layout of your home, and put together a plan! Contact our team for a FREE in-home appointment.




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