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Chances Are, Your Neighbors Have the Same Window Problems

A common theme we are seeing in our digital world today? Homeowners often do a simple online search anytime they begin to take on a new project, or have a house-related problem arise. But what about a quality conversation with you neighbors? Chances are, if you’re facing window problems, your neighbors are probably stuck with some of the same issues. Or, they may have already reached out to us and solved them...

“Smart shades sound amazing, but they must be pricey.”

 Smart shades and draperies will fix so many of your window problems.

Many people’s first impression about Smart Shades is that they'll be very convenient and functional in their homes. But, their second impression? They think the cost will be too hefty for their budget. This is where we come in. We’re here to show you cost efficient options that will also add energy efficiency to your home, saving you money in the long run. Most people are surprised at how affordable the options can be.

“Our master bedroom lets all the morning sun flood in way too early.”

Fix your window problems in your bedroom with blackout shades.

Blackout blinds, shades, shutters and matter which type of window treatments you prefer, they're a must-have for any bedroom! You’ll be able to shut out the morning sunlight, as well as remove any stream of light, or distracting lights at night. Room Darkening Solutions are for you if you’re looking to enjoy better sleep.

“We love the massive windows in our family room, but it's so bright in here!”

Natural light is a sought-after feature when it comes to house hunting. One thing many don’t think about when they see large floor-to-ceiling windows, is that there can be such a thing as too much light. They fall in love with the look, not the function–can you blame them? Don't despair, our floor to ceiling solutions will help rid the glare and eliminate the direct sunshine during the day, without ridding your space of the natural light and landscape views.

“It gets so hot from the windows–there's no relief.”

Shades that filter light out are great for energy efficiency.

We experience blasting heat in the Phoenix area. You and your neighbors all know the window problems that introduce high temperatures into your home. We have the relief you're searching for! As an example, our selection of Honeycomb window treatments is sure to help reduce the heat in your home, providing an insulating layer to your windows to save your home's energy–and your sanity!

No Matter Your Window Problems, We Have the Solutions.

If you've found yourself asking any of the above questions, or have other window problems, Grand Valley Window Coverings is here and eager to help! Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation. And make sure to tell your neighbors–they'll thank you later!



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