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Healthy Homes: We're in This Together

With all that’s going on in the world, we’re all trying to find a new normal and make the best of the current reality. Things have changed so quickly and we don’t know the next time they’ll be back to how they were before. Though that may be a little daunting, we want to remind you that we’re in this together. Our team definitely has some home tips and tricks to help you make the most of this time. 

A Healthy Home is A Happy Home

Child safety is a priority for us and your Phoenix home, we're in this together after all.

Living a happy and healthy lifestyle is more important now than ever. Part of that lifestyle maintenance is creating and keeping a healthy home. Since we’re spending more time than ever in our homes, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help you with this.

  1. Work on Your To Do List
  2. Keep a Schedule
  3. Breathe in the Fresh Air
  4. Assess Your Space

Work on Your To-Do List

If you have a list of projects you’ve been saving for “someday,” now’s the time. It’s officially “someday” folks! With all your extra time at home it can be fun and satisfying to cross a few projects off of that growing to-do list you’ve had.

Keep a Schedule

Having any sense of normalcy is key to staying sane and enjoying this cooped up time. This is where creating and keeping a schedule comes in.

LightLock shades to help improve your sleep.

If you’re finding it hard to roll out of bed since you no longer have your long commute to work each day, turn to Smart Shades. Yes, you read that right, your window treatments can now help with your schedule without you even having to lift a finger. Program them to open the same time every day. They can also close over the course of the day, based on your thermostat's temperature. At bedtime? They'll close right on time, when you’re trying to wind your kids down for bed. 

Breathe in the Fresh Air

Bring the outdoors in to your Phoenix home this Spring.

It’s not new news, but you may need to hear it. Sunshine and fresh air are–pretty much–instant mood boosters. Spring is the perfect time to bring the outdoors into your home a bit since it’s started warming up outside again. Doing so will help to ward off some of the cabin fever you may be feeling. 

Assess Your Space

Whether you’re choosing to self quarantine, or you’re working from home, you’re spending much more time at home now. When you have an extra minute or two, walk around your home and see what you need from each room. This kitchen is gorgeous. But, living here would have its own set of issues...

Kitchen with no window treatments has too much blinding natural light.

Pesky glare, no privacy, interior temps rising, faded flooring–just a few of the problems you'd face. The solution? Our window treatments are designed to fix all of these window issues and more! You can say “goodbye” to those problems while still allowing the perfect amount of natural light to pour in. Just check out how much of a stunning difference they made in this kitchen.

Kitchen with window treatments to filter the natural light.


When you take some time to assess your space, try to keep these things in mind while doing so: 

  • Privacy on the Main Level
  • Improved Sleep
  • Child Safety
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Floor to Ceiling Window Solutions

Don’t Forget, We’re in this Together

Faux wood blinds in kitchen, we're in this together in this time.

The word “normal” seems like it has changed its entire definition lately. But, no matter what happens, we’re in this together. Whether you’re dealing with a window problem we mentioned, or have a completely different one, we’re here to help and have solutions for you! Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings today for your FREE consultation.



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