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Home Office Design with Smart Blinds

Working from home? Staying home with kids? Home office design has suddenly become an important feature in homes across the country. If you’re working from home, you deserve to enjoy mood-enhancing light, energy efficiency, privacy and so much more...

The Layout of Your Home Office Design

gold motorized blinds for home office design Phoenix AZ

Much of the time, you don’t have a lot of choice in the direction your windows face. The home office design you choose is usually influenced by the way light enters. (Think glare, or that late afternoon slump.) Sometimes, you’re choosing whether to face the sun, looking out the window, or facing away from the sun so the rays don’t exhaust your eyes. With smart blinds, you can create the home office design you want, since the light control is at your fingertips.


Enjoy All the Benefits

home office design with energy efficient shades Phoenix AZ

Light control is often the main reason for wanting window coverings for your home office design. But, why stop there? Think about privacy. While you may want natural light entering to boost your mood, there are times that privacy is key. And, beyond lighting, there are other resulting problems caused by direct rays. The UV protection can be put in place with smart shades during the times of day when bright is the worst. Furthermore, the heat that comes from the hot Arizona sun is one more issue you’re facing. With energy efficient window treatments, you can keep your space cool so you can concentrate, working diligently, all day long.

Creating the Right Atmosphere...Anywhere

red smart shades in kitchen Scottsdale AZ

The truth is, much of the world has had to think about creating multiple spaces within the home for remote work and homeschool activities. Entire households are home working simultaneously, and that can cause issues. How can motorized shades help? It’s all about transforming the atmosphere to meet your family’s needs over the course of the day. Whether you schedule adjustments on your smartphone app, or instantly change the lighting with a tap, everyone can find their happy place in ways that you’ve never before imagined.


Instant Comfort, Energy & Control

Home office design has become an important conversation, now more than ever before. Smart blinds can help you achieve that ideal working environment in an instant–or without even trying. Let’s connect about all the features and benefits you can achieve in your Phoenix area home! Contact the team at Grand Valley Window Coverings today.


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