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Locally Made is Always Best

With all the extra time at home over the last few months, you’ve probably had a lot more time to think. Have you ever thought about the different products you use throughout your home? What about where they come from? Now is a better time than ever to be supporting small shops and locally made products. Our team is happy and proud to be located in the Phoenix area to serve you and your families. Being a small business in Phoenix means we get to provide both jobs and products for the people in the community where we work and live. 

It’s Time to Help Support Small Business

We know how uncertain these times are right now. Everyone is being affected in so many different ways. We know first hand how small businesses throughout our community are being impacted. All of your favorite places in town, from the flower shop to your go to date night restaurant need your help. Here are some ways you can show your support for locally made products and services, it doesn’t even always require a purchase!

Playroom outfitted with Duette Cellular Shades.

Spread Some Kind Words- Whether you want to spread the word about a business by telling friends, family, and neighbors or leaving a review online, both are equally important! 

Be Helpful with Your Time Online-  You may have found yourself spending a tad more time on the internet lately. One of the easiest and best ways you can help out a small shop is to follow them on social media and share their posts with your following.

Add Some Gift Cards to Your Wallet- Gift cards are perfect for both parties, especially right now! The best thing is that you get to help the businesses support their families right away, then as soon as they open back up you get to enjoy the gift card. 

Nonprofits Need Your Help too- Nonprofits, such as shelters and food pantries, are sadly seeing a lot more people than usual. Next time you go to the store, add a few more cans to your cart to drop off on the way home.



Continuing On with Locally Made 

We rarely mention this, however, we think it’s an important note as we continue on. Did you know that our Hunter Douglas products, that we so often outfit your homes with, are made right here in North America? Those plantation shutters you love? Two of the product lines are made right here in the Phoenix area. Talk about locally made! 

Small businesses in Bessemer City in North Carolina

In addition to Phoenix, small towns all around our country are producing Hunter Douglas window treatments. Bessemer City, North Carolina is amongst these small towns. They provide us with seven of our products. Cumberland, MD, and Broomfield, CO are also some of the small towns that we are proud to have as part of the process. 


We Want to Help You

We are proud to call Phoenix home, and you should be too! Speaking of homes, with all the extra time you’re spending in yours right now, you may have found yourself with a few plans for home improvements you want to make. Are you facing convenience lighting issues? Lack of privacy? Needing more energy efficiency? Are you wanting to insure your blinds are the safest they can be for children? Contact us today to get started with our team via a phone or video meeting.



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