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Find Your Favorite Decor Trends in Time for Summer!

Want to discover the latest decor trends? Take a cue from nature! Natural elements are a great way to bring a fresh atmosphere to your home. Let’s take a look at some of the latest accents to help you create a new and tranquil environment...


Potted Decor Trends

Plants are an easy and quick way to add the latest decor trends to your home. Their variety of color, size, texture, and even smells makes them perfect for any room. And, if you’re worried about your ability to keep your new decor alive, don’t be. 

solera roman shades with top down bottom up let in light for plants Phoenix

With top down bottom up shades, you have some extra help in controlling the amount of light they receive, sending light across the ceiling to illuminate the space, making sure your plants stay happy and healthy.


Nature Inspired Elements

There are many other elements found in the outdoors to help you style your home. Baskets, area rugs, blankets and wall art can be found in a range of woods, bamboo, and other fibers to help create and layer an amazing atmosphere.

home with nature inspired decor trends

Katie from @thehuckabeehome on Instagram does a great job of portraying how natural elements go hand-in-hand with plants to create a chic and cozy home environment. 


A New Take On Neutrals

Colors like white, gray, and beige are favorite foundational colors. But, it might be time to try something new. Try adding some earthy tones to your home to not only bring out your new decor, but to add some more color to your space. Tones like camel, mustard, navy, and olive green are some great options to choose from.

woven textures shades in earthy fabrics for home decor trends Phoenix


Bring In The Outdoors

It’s no question that the outdoors is beautiful. So why would you cover it up? One of our favorite decor trends is creating a stunning backdrop at your windows. Instead of getting rid of your great view, sheer shades to help you enjoy the outdoors without direct sunlight or glare.  And, they look fabulous!sheer shades to view the outdoors Phoenix

Trying some new decor trends is a great way to refresh your home. Our team, here at Grand Valley Window Coverings, is ready to help! Contact us today to schedule a FREE design consultation.


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