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Increase the Safety of Your Home

We’re currently only halfway through 2020, but somehow it seems longer than that. 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year with a new surprise at each turn. With all the unpredictability this year has brought, it’s easy to feel anxious. But, there’s a way to ease some of that concern. Increasing the safety of your home is a great way to calm your worries. So, let’s take a look at how to achieve that.


Lock & Key… And Coverings

Locking your door before you go to sleep, or as you step out of your home, is a part of everyone’s daily routine. Making sure your doors are locked is an essential part of home protection, but if you have glass doors, there’s a way to be even safer. Covering up your glass doors is a great way to increase the safety of your home. Take a look at our options for covering your doors here

front door with sidelights covered with honeycomb shades Phoenix AZ

A Cordless Look

If you have kids or pets running around, you’re probably aware of how easy it is for everyday items to become dangerous toys. Blind cords are one of those everyday items that can cause harm to your kids or pets, when misused. So, try cordless and cord-safe window treatments to improve the safety of your home. Get more information here.

 A playroom with Nantucket™ Window Shadings with LiteRise®.

Control At The Click of A Button

Do you often forget to close your shades before leaving home? Worried something might happen without that layer of protection? Or, are you anxious about how hot in will be, baking in the AZ sunshine? Well, don’t be. With automated window coverings, you have some extra home protection and complete control even when you’re away. Take a look here

Dinning room with Vignette® Stacking with PowerView® Motorization Top-Down/Bottom-Up Roman Shades. 

Don’t Compromise

Privacy is an essential part of home safety, but you shouldn’t have to compromise natural lighting or your great view for it. And luckily with top-down bottom-up shades, you don’t have to. Top-down shades allow for natural light to pour in while keeping your privacy. Find out more here.

 A bedroom with Alustra® Duette® Architella® Macon™ honeycomb shades with UltraGlide®.

The Safety of Your Home Is Vital.

So far, this year has had its fair share of chaos, but don’t let that stop you from taking a chance on improving your home. Take back some control and rid yourself of some anxious thoughts by increasing the safety of your home. Plus, by doing so you get benefits like energy efficiency, daylighting, reduced glare, and UV protection, making your home safer and more efficient. Contact our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings for a FREE design consultation.



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