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Transform Your Yard: Implementing Exterior Shades

Now that the evenings are a bit cooler with the beginning of fall, it's the perfect time to be relaxing on your patio. Have you heard of exterior shades? They have several amenities that will help you to fully relax and get comfortable while enjoying the weather and view of your landscape. 


Enjoy Your Yard, Even on the Hottest Days

There are certainly times of year that it is easiest to enjoy being outside. The middle of summer can be a bit too hot, especially in Arizona. Exterior shades will help you lengthen the amount of months you can spend outside! With the extra shade they provide, the hot summer sun will be much more tolerable. And no worries, you don’t have to sacrifice your beautiful view in order to add shade and block damaging UV rays. 

exterior patio shades for Phoenix home by pool 

Protection from the Weather

Exterior shades can help to–not only add protection from hot, sunny days, but–if rain comes, you can still enjoy fresh air.  Is there anything cozier than listening to the rain while talking with family and friends or reading a good book? Your new shades can help to guard your patio a bit from the falling raindrops so you don’t have to be stuck inside. 

 patio shades for exterior of Phoenix area home

Exterior Shades: Make the Most of Your Yard

It’s not just rainy days that can leave you feeling trapped inside! Are there moments where you, and the kids, just need some fresh air? Exterior shades can also provide a great atmosphere for spending time outdoors as a family. Adding shades to your patio area will still allow you to have fresh air, comfortable temperatures, a pretty view, plus a lot fewer bugs! Even better yet, you can add motorization to these shades to make them both more convenient and safer for areas with children and/or pets.

the interior of covered patio with exterior patio shades in Scottsdale AZ 

Our team here at Grand Valley Window Coverings is happy and eager to help you create a backyard space that you love and is more functional for the entire family. No matter your window problem or what you're what solutions you're interested in, we're here to help! Contact us today for your FREE consultation.


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