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How to Childproof Your Window Treatments

Do you have a child that is about to be on the move? We have a few solutions on how to childproof your window treatments throughout your home to make it the safest atmosphere possible for your little ones. Our team at Grand Valley Window Coverings wants to help alleviate some stress when it comes to childproofing your home. See which solutions will work best for you! 

Completely Cordless Options

When it comes to window treatments, cords are definitely one of the most hazardous parts. To an innocent, busy body child they may seem like a fun toy. Choosing cord-free blinds is a great way to make sure your treatments are child safe. 

Cordless window treatments for added safety.

One of the cordless options we have, LiteRise, just requires a simple pull down or push up of the shade to adjust for your ideal amount of natural light and privacy.

Shades aren’t quite your style? No worries! Shutters are a classic, yet beautiful, way to add cordless coverage to your windows. Simply adjust the louvers to find the perfect atmosphere for your space. Better yet, their durability is in conjunction with kids playing all around them. 

How to childproof, use shutters in areas for kids.

Crowd Favorite: Motorization

Not only does motorization add safety to a space, but huge convenience as well! PowerView® allows you to control your shades completely from your phone or smart home device. We’re talking creating schedules to work around naps and bedtimes and being able to open shades with the click of a button or a simple voice command while you’re feeding the baby across the room.

Motorized shades for added child safety in nursery.

Another motorization option is SoftTouch. This operating system consists of a wand, as opposed to a cord, attached to the headrail by a magnet. Because the wand is connected by magnet, if a child pulls too hard, there is no danger of pulling the entire shade down on themselves, the wand will automatically detach. 

SoftTouch motorization for child safety, Phoenix, AZ.

Child Safe Corded Choices

If you like what you already have with your corded shades and blinds, we do offer a couple different child safe corded options!

The first being the continuous cord loop. This cord attaches right to the inside of your window frame leaving no loose cords to tempt children.

How to childproof with continuous cord loop option on your shades.

UltraGlide is another option when it comes to childproofing while sticking with cords. This system features a retractable cord that shortens as soon as you’re done adjusting the shades. 

UltraGlide retractable cord option for window treatments.

How to Childproof Your Windows, We’re Here to Help

We don’t want to add any more to your plate when it comes to learning how to childproof in your home. In fact, we want to help cross off as much as we can from your to-do list! Our team is here to help with childproofing and any other window solutions you may need. Contact us today for your FREE consultation. 


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