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French Door

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About French Door

Shutters for french doors are available from all three of our shutter manufacturers; Hunter Douglas, Graber, and Norman. This type of shutter installation can be completed using either Wood, Composite, or Vinyl shutters. We recommend using either Composite or Wood so that the shutter does not rattle when you open and close the door.

Depending on the type of shutter you choose and the type of frame used, you can pick from a curved cut-out style or a square cut option. Please see the pictures below for examples of the various door handle cutouts possible. Keep in mind the curved option may take up more of the glass then the square cut. The curve requires more space to create the arc, and may start higher and end lower then the mitered corners of a sleek rectangle cutout. While this adds to the ornate beauty of the finished product, it does slightly take away from the view. A square or rectangle cutout will take up less glass then a curved option. Sometimes the handle can be turned the other direction to allow a straight panel without a cutout to be installed. With an egg-shaped or round knob style handle, a straight shutter panel and frame without a cut-out will work and this option does not take any significant portion of your view. Cut-outs will add to the cost, typically around $150-$200 per door, depending on the product and manufacturer. Changing the door handle from a lever style handle to a round or oval shaped handle will be less expensive and give you that clean look you desire. Another great idea for getting a straight shutter panel and keeping your lever-shaped handle set is a door handle extension kit from Rak Ltd. With a simple 2″ extension available in the exact color of your existing hardware, the shutter will fit behind the lever and you will save money and achieve the desired clean look that you want. These handle extenders typically run in the $60 - $130 range depending on if it needs to be custom made or if your handle manufacturer already has these available.

Whether you choose the straight look and adjust your handle or go with the decorative and ornate look of a door handle cutout, you will love shutters on your french doors. They look like a fine piece of furniture on your door and they don’t bang or rattle, when opening and closing the door, like a blind or shade does.


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